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Your Reiki Session

Please use this as a guideline for what to know and expect in your next Reiki session.



Please come to your session in clothing you will feel comfortable lying down in, as during the session you will be laying on a massage table, fully clothed, shoes removed. There will be comfortable pillow support and optional warm blanket/heating pad to help you rest, relax and stay comfortable during the session. You may sit in a chair for your treatment if that is more comfortable for you. Sessions are approximately one hour. Stay hydrated. Water helps conduct your energy, and assists the energy clearing and rebalancing process. Please leave an hour after eating for digestion before your appointment. 

Consider your Intention, and Trust in Reiki

It is useful to consider your purpose for your upcoming Reiki appointment. People come for all sorts of reasons, and all are of value. Your intention may be simple and open-ended, such as simply 'overall wellness and healing', the desire to maintain and amplify well being. Or it may be clearly defined, such as to address a specific health or personal concern. Essentially, your intention for the session centres around what would you like release, shift, and receive in your life. You may share your intention with me or keep it private. Whatever your intention, Reiki energy has its own intelligence and knows how best to move through you in each moment. Trust source energy to meet your needs.

Having an intention helps to guide the session. It is the backdrop upon which to understand your experience with energy work, the filter for your session, and it helps your mind relax by giving it something to focus on. If you like, please share it with me, and we can work towards your goal together. If you are unsure, we may discuss your circumstances and create an intention together. Whatever your reason for experiencing the healing flow, I trust Reiki will assist your healing, satisfy your energy needs, and illuminate you.  learn more

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What does a typical treatment consist of?

Consultation ~ intro chat


Each session begins with a discussion to clarify your individual needs and goals for your Reiki session. Please share anything you wish about your reason for choosing a session. Many people have a specific intent, while just as many enjoy Reiki as a general tune-up. You'll have the opportunity to address any questions or concerns you might have.

The treatment

Reiki involves a safe, gentle, natural, and non-invasive approach to bring about healing and harmony. While Reiki is a hands-on technique, it is not a form of massage, there is no manipulation of tissue. Rather, Reiki is applied to affect the physical body through connecting with the bio energy body using both direct light touch and subtle methods. Reiki energy flows from a practitioner's hands into and through the client.

The treatment process is simple. The practice includes a series of hand placements stimulating specific locations along the energy pathways of the receiver's body, as well as the use of symbols, for healing. During treatment I gently lay my hands in positions starting from your head down to your feet, while the Reiki energy current flows to stimulate your body's natural healing response. You will absorb as much energy as you need for optimal flow and your body will get to work on healing itself.

Each session involves a full traditional Reiki treatment. I consider your intention and follow the energy, and may place my hands in certain positions for longer periods of time, or on new positions. I may be guided to use various crystals and other healing tools during a session, upon your discretion. Every Reiki session is unique. After your session, please take a moment to settle back into everyday awareness, to become centred and feel grounded into your body.  Even if you didn't fall asleep, it is kind of like waking up.



After the session we will have a closing chat. This is an opportunity to share feedback about what was explored during the session. While administering Reiki I learn about your energy and overall state of being, and I will share my observations and insights. Recommendations for self care and lifestyle may be suggested. This information is generally helpful in your healing process. We will discuss your experience and any changes you felt. Please keep in mind, a Reiki practitioner does not offer medical diagnosis, please see your doctor alongside Reiki therapy if you are experiencing concerning symptoms.  

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Remote Reiki specifics

Remote treatments are equally effective as in person treatments. Just like in-person Reiki sessions, distance appointments begin with a chat about you and your intentions either on the phone or video, as you prefer. For the treatment, you will lie down in comfortable clothing in a quiet setting. Choose a space where you will be able to relax, your bed or the couch, and consider using a blanket to regulate temperature and stay comfortable, as you will be lying in the same position for the duration of the session. If you prefer to sit down, that's perfectly fine too. Following the treatment, we will have a debrief chat about the experience. More information will be provided in an email upon booking. With every session, you are welcome to follow up with a phone call or email in case you have further questions regarding your session.

Please check here to learn more about Remote Reiki.

YOUR SESSION ~ what you may feel and experience during Reiki

People experience a range of feelings and benefits during and after a session, the most common you may expect are listed below. You will continue to feel the positive feelings you felt during Reiki and will bring the positive effects from your session with you. Every session is unique, Reiki meets your needs in the moment.

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  • Balanced, alignment, vibrating in resonance, internal harmony


  • You may feel wonderfully relaxed and serene; you will bring the relaxation from your session with you


  • Often people express a sense of wonder for how peaceful they feel; sense that all is well, elevated mood


  • On overall feeling of lightness, like the strain of stress and worry has been lifted, weights are gone, uplifted spirit


  • Pain diminishes or disappears, tension and stress released, feel better overall, symptoms are eased


  • Embodied, in the now, grounded, deeper integration and enhanced levels of awareness


  • Mentally clean and clear, a sense of lucid brightness, the mind is clear, people report thinking more clearly, energy is clear, blocks dissolved, enhanced creative flow to find solutions


  • You will feel rested, rejuvenated, energy levels replenished, an increase in energy flow, more flexible, increased mobility 


  • Improved immunity, resistance and energetic boundaries, greater ability to manage stress, and recover from challenges and illness


  • You may feel more deeply in sync with yourself, others, life, energy; in tune with nature, accelerated soul growth 



  • Sense a perspective shift and a transformation of energy, which may be felt in physical body and whole being, and in relationship dynamics, life circumstances


After the treatment Reiki continues to work through your energy field for your healing and well being. The clearing, restoration, and rebalancing course of a treatment usually last 3 days or so. Try to schedule a bit more downtime so your body can process the energy shift and assimilate the Reiki. During sessions where a lot of clearing has been done, old experiences and feelings may rise to the surface as we let them go, we may feel a little more emotional than usual, both tears and laughter, just keep in mind this emotional release is a brief part of the clearing process. You may experience shifts in the coming weeks. Drinking extra water is highly recommended, before and after.


You may feel tired with increased desire to rest, to allow for healing and rejuvenation can take place. Take the opportunities you have to rest or have a nap when you are able. Support your body to heal with sleep, drinking lots of water, good food and fresh air. Simply, honour the needs of your body. Most people sleep extremely well after Reiki. Once the energy settles you will feel a new level of balance and rejuvenation. Likewise, you may also feel a surge of energy and renewal right away after the treatment. However you feel is perfect, just follow your body's cues. I'm here to support you.  

Energy Clearing and Detox Symptoms

Reiki may occasionally stimulate a detox period. This is no cause for concern, simply, when we are making a positive change in our overall health and wellness, our body releases its toxic burden. For a short period of time you may experience symptoms related to the increased elimination of toxins as they rise to the surface to be cleared. Afterward, you will feel increased energy levels, clear eyes, glowing skin, and enjoy feeling so much better. Support your body by doubling water intake, eat simply, rest, stretch, and light exercise.  Learn more

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COMMON CONCERNS ~ FAQ to questions I am often asked during Reiki

What should I do while receiving Reiki?

Please try and be in a receptive state and allow Reiki to flow, there is nothing to do except to receive the positive healing energy. Get comfortable, and embrace the relaxation and rejuvenation. 

What if I am unable to relax?

Most clients experience moving into a deep state of relaxation. The relaxation is profound and effortless. Sometimes people are concerned whether they will be able to relax, perhaps they have a history where this has been an issue. Reiki induces the relaxation response, so while people have concerns, this has never been an issue once the session begins. Even so, I am more than happy to coach with deep breathing techniques and calming movements before we begin. 

What should I think about during Reiki?

You will likely be so relaxed that you will 'release' your mind, and enter a state of mindfulness. If you find your mind is looking for something to focus on, flow back to your core intention for Reiki. As thoughts come and go, try not to attach to thoughts, just let them pass. Helpful insights will arise effortlessly, and you will remember them. Try to come with an open mind, and immerse yourself into the experience; we may evaluate afterwards.    

What if I fall asleep?

Many people yawn, and become so relaxed they fall asleep. This is a common occurrence and is absolutely normal, especially in today's society as many of us are under rested. Your body heals when it is at rest, this is just part of the process. You may fall asleep during your session, find yourself floating in and out of light sleep. Enjoy the relaxation Reiki brings to your whole being.

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Enjoy your Reiki experience

I invite you to join me for a session of deep relaxation, release, and rejuvenation.


Reconnect and recharge with an infusion of source light. 


Find increased energy levels and a deep sense of inner peace by connecting with the comforting, infinite wisdom of universal healing energy. 


Treat yourself to a renewed lightness of being. 


How many sessions do you recommend, and how frequently? 


Reiki meets you where you are at and shift your energy towards optimal health and well being. Reiki is a preventative health practice and also supports the healing of specific health issues and the resolution of personal concerns at a deep level. Reiki offers results for everyone through a process of coming back into balance. As everyone is coming from a unique place, results and timelines may vary, as they are in relation to your specific symptoms and circumstances. Reiki always works through you for your highest good to meet your needs, and benefits occur with every treatment. Clients frequently feel wonderful results right away, and the improvements you feel will compound over time with cumulative practice. How many sessions and how often you receive Reiki is up to you. It depends on your condition and on your goals, as healing is an individual journey. Sometimes our issues may be resolved quickly, while other concerns require time and commitment. 

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With Reiki, results may be considered in terms of immediate gains (1 session), accelerated shifts (3-5 sessions), significant improvements obtained with regular treatments over several weeks/months (7-12+ sessions), and long term transformations that come from regular practice. Below is an outline of what kinds of results you may reasonably expect to see in a given period of time. Please feel free to connect with me for further information or to receive personal guidance about how Reiki may help you with respect to the conditions you are working through. You may find more than one session useful to process a personal concern or health issue. A series of sessions may create energetic shifts at deep levels of your being which lead to significant improvements in your body and overall well being. For optimal results, multiple sessions in closer frequency facilitate a deep level of relaxation wherein the body can heal itself and release can take place. Try one session and see if it is for you.

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