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Remote Reiki

What is Remote Reiki? 

Traditionally, Reiki is administered in person using a hands-on or hovering position (where the practitioner is about 2-5 inches from the client's body). Reiki energy can be channeled across time and space, and so Reiki may also be administered as a remote treatment. Remote healing, or long distance healing, is an advanced form of hands-on energy healing. A practitioner connects with your energy, and you don't need to be in the same place or time to receive Reiki. This allows a practitioner to connect to clients who are unable to visit in person due to health, time, or distance limitations. 

How does it work?

A scientific discussion of explanations for how and why this fascinating phenomenon works is will be shared with you in the near future in an article I m writing. Simply put for now, it is an alchemical blend of Quantum physics and the power of prayer/intention. I believe distance healing works due to the fact that we are all connected energetically, and quantum physics has some pretty neat explanations for this wormhole phenomenon. Energy is everywhere in the quantum field, and it transcends time and space. Reiki is energy, and it travels at the speed of light to anywhere in time and space it is sent. A Reiki practitioner connects to universal life force energy, and this allows Reiki energy to be channeled anywhere in the world.

Remote healing is something I personally find enthralling, as an energy healer and as an armchair science nerd (term used with the utmost respect). While I love to discover how things work, the experiential evidence I've gathered shows me that remote healing works powerfully every time whether I fully understand it or not. Stay tuned.

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long distane reiki

Are Remote treatments as powerful as they are in person?

That's a good question, and my answer is a hard yes, absolutely. Remote healing sessions are equally as powerful and as effective as in person. The overall benefits to your health and well-being are the same as when receiving Reiki in person. For some cases, it is even more effective and direct, as there is less energetic interference so the connection is more streamlined and clear. Clients who have experienced distance healing are often amazed the first time, because they are not expecting it to feel like it does in person. It is hard to wrap one's mind around such an experience. I love introducing people to distance healing, as it is a way to viscerally experience how connected we all are at an energetic level. I have been practicing Reiki for over 15 years, and continue to grow in awe, respect and gratitude for this healing technique. It meets our needs wherever we are.


Remote Reiki logistics

Remote Reiki appointments follow the same guidelines and process as in person Reiki. Please check here for more information about what takes place in a typical Reiki session. A detailed email will be sent upon booking with all the information you need for your session.

Just like in-person Reiki sessions, remote appointments begin with a chat about you and your intentions either on the phone or video, as you prefer. We will connect over your Zoom, FaceTime, or WhatsApp. I will call you at the beginning of our appointment, to clarify your individual needs and goals for your Reiki session. Please share anything you wish about your reason for choosing a session. Many people have a specific intent, while just as many enjoy Reiki as a general tune-up. You'll have the opportunity to address any questions or concerns you might have. For the treatment, you will lie down in comfortable clothing in a quiet setting. Choose a space where you will be able to relax, your bed or the couch, and consider using a blanket to regulate temperature and stay comfortable, as you will be lying in the same position for the duration of the session. If you prefer to sit down, that's perfectly fine too. Following the treatment, we will have a debrief chat about the experience. 




Enter a state of euphoric relaxation

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