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About Virginia 




I'm an energy healer, coach, teacher, and writer, and lover of all that is good for our energy.


Together we empower you by optimizing your energy and clarity so you may feel your best and live your brightest.




​Reiki Master / Teacher

Reiki practitioner for 15 years, I am a certified Reiki Master & Teacher in the Usui Reiki lineage. Reiki is my favourite energy brightening method - bliss up with this sacred life force energy technique to clear, balance, align and strengthen your field.

Facial Sculpturing Massage Therapist

Deep tissue facial masseuse, certified with the Canadian Natural Health and Healing Clinic. Look your best and brightest - glow up with my holistic facial massage. I incorporate TCM and traditional aesthetics. 

Energy Coach

Welcome to the game-changer that is energy management. You will be guided towards your optimal state, through the cultivation of mindful awareness using energy awakening and accounting techniques. Flourish in life feeling lit up!

Clarity & Alignment Coach

Sessions gently and powerfully facilitate greater self-connection, guiding you to live in sync with your inner wisdom, in order to activate your highest good and potentials. You will be aligned with your personal best and brightest. 


University College, University of Toronto

Hon. BA in Semiotics & Communication Theory

My Honours Thesis is on the subject of Light Frequency Energetics. This allowed for formal academic research study into the paradigms, sciences and cultures of light and energy through the lens of vibrational frequency. Taken a step further, the exploration of energetic applications of light frequency towards healing the human bio-energy field from ancient techniques to modern day research into bio-photonics and subtle energy.

Align with possibility.

Dissolve barriers between dreams and reality.

Your dreams are within reach, let's make them come true, one step at a time. 

May we all live in harmony and feel our best and brightest.


Hi, I'm Virginia. I'm an energy healer, coach, writer, and teacher - a lover of all that is good for our energy!

A health and wellness lifestyle was something I was encouraged by both parents to pursue growing up, and as a child I was introduced to the world of natural healing in many ways. My family enjoyed the acupuncture services of a Traditional Chinese Doctor, and I remember being fascinated while examining the posters of the meridian system throughout the body on the walls of his office. As I receiving acupuncture I tried to feel the energy channels and trace them with my mind, but it was so relaxing, I would always fall asleep. Reflexology was also practiced in my home and I remember feeling a click looking at those charts too, hmm, there’s something cool going on here. Those were my first visceral introductions to how the energy system feels and moves through our physical body. I found the relationship between energy flow and health to be truly amazing. This led to my lifelong passion for learning about alternative forms of healing, and I became especially receptive to those having to do with cultivating life force , the energetic subtle arts.

Ever since, I have been an avid student of the energy field through a variety of channels. Over the course of my life, I’ve been exposed to many different ideas and learning experiences that have taught me how to take care of my energy on all levels, and how to manage, nourish and optimize energy flow. I began to research the world of energy as it relates to health and well being: the practices of energy medicine and the tools of vibrational healing. I’ve been blessed to work with several teachers and healers, and have the support of guides and mentors, in practices from yoga to shamanism, studying healing arts from around the world. While studying at University of Toronto, I had the privilege to study the history of energy medicine and the paradigm of light frequency in a year-long honours thesis project. From a comparative lens, I was able to do formal academic research on bio energy or bioluminescence, and explore this phenomenon from a holistic perspective including scientific, anthropological, religious, psychological, and historical points of view. This project covered everything from ancient to modern day views of how different frequencies of energy affect our biology, applications of bioenergetics to heal our body, and how it all relates in terms of the body-mind interface with regards to health and wellness. 

While at university, I was introduced to Usui Reiki and have continued to practice on family, friends, clients, and pets ever since. I also borrow from Karuna Reiki. Reiki made a profound impression on me from the beginning, and I had a natural sensitivity to this healing energy. With this gentle and powerful practice, I felt like I had been given an elixir in my hands. I became determined to learn all I could to best work with this energy. Overtime, I discovered the healing, balancing, and transformative qualities a strong energy hygiene practice may have towards our health, well-being, and experience. Reiki is a treasure in my life, and I look forward to sharing this practice with you as a practitioner and as a teacher.

Kundalini Yoga came into my life at the same time as Reiki. They’ve been wonderful complimentary partners to guide me through my learning and to deepen my understanding of energetic anatomy. Long enchanted by the mystical, the metaphysical and the subtle energetic realm of life, energy medicine is a natural fit. I bring decades of experience with energy medicine and study of the energy body. I am guided by my passion to share how taking care of our energy improves our health and well-being in significant ways. Using a variety of modalities, I help people feel their best and live their brightest life by connecting them with their inner light -  their life force and psychic energetics. I look forward to our time together. Feel your best & brightest! Warmly, Virginia

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