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YB&B is open for remote appointments only until further notice.

Virtual Sessions

It is my pleasure to provide services over the phone or video internationally. Enjoy your service from the comfort of your own home. 


I am available for audio and video consults, using your choice of application: Zoom, FaceTime, or WhatsApp. We will connect however is convenient for you. Upon booking, I will send you an email containing all pertinent information you need to know to prepare for your session, logistics, and to set up how we will communicate during our time together. Looking forward to our session!

Learn more about Distance Reiki here.

In Person Sessions - currently on hold

YB&B studio space will re-open once COVID-19 case numbers are more reasonably reduced. I look forward to re-opening this calm, private, relaxing environment arranged for your comfort, healing and energetic alignment. The radiant glow of a salt lamp and other soft lighting, restorative aromatherapy, and clear space create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Sink deeply into rejuvenation mode with a sound bath from soothing music, crystals, and the peaceful flow of a fountain, as per your preference. The space is cleaned and cleared after every client to maintain a high vibrational energetic space.

I look forward to connecting with you

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