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Enhance your Best Energy, and Get your Brightest Glow on! Dedicated to everyone who is motivated to feel their best and live their brightest lives, YB&B is a space for feeling good and thriving by enhancing our energy. YB&B offers an energetic perspective on how to glow through life inspired by my passion for energetic self care, experience with vibrational medicine, and journeys through personal growth. You’ve found a digital destination for the art and science of wellness, self development, integrative well-being, and natural beauty with a holistic, energetic and preventative approach. Nourish your energy and get your glow on!


Feel your Best, and Live your Brightest Life! It all starts with how you feel. We connect with our energy through our feelings. When you feel good, you shine, and life feels effortlessly brighter. Shine the light that you are! The better you feel, the more you tap into your personal best, and the brighter you shine. Feeling good lights us up and opens the door to the wellspring of life. Nourish your inner sparkle at YB&B!


Connect with your Best, and Share your Brightest Energy! It affects every aspect of our lives, from our health to our happiness, our relationships to our productivity. When we feel well, we feel like ourselves, we feel present, we feel whole. As we honour ourselves and take care of our energy, everything flows more smoothly and effortlessly in life. We connect with our inner best and bring that brightness into the world. In this way we may show up best for ourselves and others, and the quality of our lives dynamically improves.


Align with your Best, and Enjoy your Brightest Possibilities! No matter who we are or where we’re at, we may all feel our best and brightest. Let’s embrace ourselves exactly as we are now. From here, take a moment to imagine: what’s the best thing that could happen? As we align with and feel into our best, we awaken our optimal energy and evolve into our brightest selves. 

I look forward to sharing the best and brightest of the energy and wellness universe with you. May you be blessed with harmony along your path to YB&B, shine from within, and flourish in your life.

Stay tuned and keep shining, xo Virginia


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Content features ideas on consciousness, energy, the cosmos, and current affairs to elevate everyday life. Discover nourishing practices for your energy to enhance personal radiance for inspired well-being. YB&B blog presents holistic health and wellness tips, personal development tools, and natural beauty techniques to seamlessly integrate into your life!


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Feel your best and become your brightest

Reiki Sessions and Classes to assist you to accelerate healing and personal development. Energy work is holistic and simultaneously clears and elevates and body, heart, mind, and spirit. This transformational healing technique optimizes energy flow through your body and life.

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Look your best and glow your brightest.

Deep Tissue Facial Sculpting Massage (manual facelift) and Reiki-infused Facials to lift your muscles, smooth your skin tone, and brighten your complexion. Your face is softened, relaxed - the ultimate beautifier. This natural beauty treatment is rejuvenating for your face.

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Connect with your best and create your brightest life.

Coaching gently and powerfully opens the door for greater self-connection. You will be guided towards your optimal state, cultivating mindful awareness with energy awakening techniques. Through the perspective of energy, you will be aligned with your personal best and brightest.

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