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Energy Alignment Coaching & Intuitive Counsel



Align with your best & create your brightest life.

All is well.  Energy coaching gently and powerfully opens the door for greater self-connection. You will be guided towards your optimal state, through the cultivation of mindful awareness using energy awakening and accounting techniques. Guidance to live in sync with your inner wisdom, activate your highest good, and flourish in life. Through the perspective of energy, you will be aligned with your personal best and brightest. Read about YB&B personal growth philosophy to learn more  here.


Align with Your Dream Life, Live your Heart's Desire

Our experience is a reflection of our inner state. Through inner work, we gain self-love, self-mastery and connection with our inner resources, enabling us to align with our best and brightest path and create our dream life. I facilitate people to live their dreams - to live in the magic  of their heart's true desire, to bliss up with measured steps, with feet on the ground. My work aligns people with their Best & Brightest timeline of possibility, by guiding people to clarity and certainly, coaching them to operate through their highest potential, and make the wish of the heart come true.

A lifelong intuitive/empath and medium, I read your energy field and soul records, and channel guidance from source and your spirit team, which include angels, spirit guides, ancestors, and beings from the elemental kingdom. I compliment my natural abilities with expertise on archetypal optimization systems to help you make the most of your natural design and context. These elemental frameworks provide a map to understand and position ourselves through the journey of this work.


While we project into the future to create it with loving care, inspired imagination, crystal clarity of intention and purpose, and to chart a strategic path forward, I do not believe in predictions. Be here now, stay embodied in the present. All our power, potential, possibility is in the now. Now is where all the magic happens. Predictions that are presented as absolute are an imposition that dissociate us from our own agency.  Remember - there are as many timelines as choices you have at any given time. Choose your heart's desire, live on your highest timeline. Committing to your purpose, clarity, truth are key to living Your Best & Brightest life, xo Virginia

Systems and Tools I draw on as inspired:

Human Design, Astrology, animal totem spirits, Myers-Briggs, DISC, the Bagua, Cards of Life, Tarot, Angels and elemental kingdom, frequency medicine and light codes, Tree of Life, Ayerveda, EFT, crystals, chakras, Yoga, activation scrips (affirmations/prayer/mantras/NLP), aromatherapy, and many more. 



"I have recently engaged and benefited greatly from Virginia’s services for intuitive counsel and distance reiki. In both cases, the outcomes greatly surpassed my highest expectations. For the counsel and resulting reading, I had posed a question related to a burning issue, one that had been preoccupying me and indeed, causing some anxiety.  Virginia’s detailed insights and guidance resonated deeply and helped me to completely reframe what I had been approaching as an inescapable problem to a much more positive, calm outlook on one of life’s natural passages. I felt a deep sense of peace and lightness of being, and acceptance of the fact that I could be hopeful and happy while also deeply grieving a tremendous loss. I look forward to many more sessions with Virginia."

S.V., Kelowna


"I get confused, I have a thousand ideas in my head and I get carried away by instinct, almost always making mistakes. I love your counsel, your words give me more courage to wait for the right time and think well about my decision and my situation at the moment. I feel like myself again. The answers that come through have been truly enlightening to me and helped me to rediscover the side of myself I have kept hidden for years. I thank you for your time that you dedicated to me, and for your passion for your work. For the next few months I will keep your teachings as a guide for these difficult times. Now, I would like to continue this beautiful exchange with you. I will keep you updated, and I wish you all the best that the universe has to offer."

F. F., Italy

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