Your Path of Light


We are all lights. 

Inside everyone is a light that shines. Your light is your energy, your consciousness, we all have our own unique radiance. Your light is the diamond inside you, the wellspring of your inner brilliance, the magic you bring into the world just by being you. When you connect with your light, you effortlessly tap into your best and brightest energy, and shine it into the world. Your connection to the cosmos, your light is the essence of your highest potential, your gateway to your most joyful and fulfilling path. When we commit to shining our light, life gets brighter. Alit from within, our illumination expands us and shimmers onto the lives others, and collectively we glow and grow. As we ignite our light, the energy of the cosmos flows through us. It's time to channel the stars!!


It's all about how you feel.

The way you feel is important. Our feelings are our inherent guidance system through life. They speak to us of our overall state of wellness and alignment, and point us in the right direction. We all love to feel good. We connect with our energy through our feelings, and the better you feel, the more you tap into your personal best, the brighter you shine. Feeling good lights us up, when we are in positive alignment we share the magic of life with others. When you feel good, you have more energy to create and enjoy your best life, and shine bright to share your light with the world. Follow your light. When we feel good we stay in alignment with our positive energy. Feeling good opens the doors to the wellspring of life.  



While feelings fluctuate, self care strengthens us.

Taking good care of yourself is the most accessible way to feel good on a consistent basis. A healthy lifestyle and dedication to self-compassion progressively and naturally results in your feeling better overall. Life is full of ebbs and flows, and the way we feel will fluctuate as a result of many factors, some beyond our reach and others within our ability to influence. When we take the time to tend to our well being and treat ourselves with kindness, we feel an improvement in each facet of our wellness - energy, body, mind, heart, and soul. This helps us to maintain our centre and feel increased stability within no matter what challenges we may be experiencing, and helps us to stay present and celebrate the peaks of life with even more joy. A preventative approach to health, natural beauty methods, and a balanced lifestyle have holistic rewards and cumulative effects. Over time the base level of how we feel rises - you feel better and shine brighter.




Align with Your Best & Brightest.

Alignment is determined by how we feel and the choices we make. Aligning with YB&B lifts you up and focuses your energy towards your most joyful path and fulfilling prospects.  Just as our personal best shifts according to how we feel, so may the vision we have for ourselves change as we evolve. No matter where you are at in life, you can always align with YB&B - it will keep you on track and help you grow. YB&B is not a destination or a competition but a dynamic anchor in the sky, your personal guiding star lighting your way forwards, drawing you up towards your most genuine light and enjoyable possibilities. It moves along your journey with you as a source of inspiration like the sun across the horizon. Aligning with YB&B keeps you in the flow of life and increases your energy levels, setting you up for success by supporting you at a fundamental level to bring out your best and enjoy your brightest life. Stay connected with your positive potential to expand your light, experience more ease and grace in your life, and watch how it ripples through your life. Your inner truth guides you to live your light. May you be inspired to feel your best and live your brightest!  Love the way you shine, you deserve to feel bright and the world loves your light,

Shine the light that you are,

xo Virginia