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Facial Massage

FYI Facial Massage will resume once COVID-19 restrictions lift.


My facial massage treatment is the most natural and luxurious way to lift, sculpt, firm, and tone your face and neck. Facial sculpturing focuses specifically on the face, and attention is also given to the neck, décolletage, and scalp. 


Essentially, I give you a 'facelift' with my hands. This treatment dissolves the effects of time and stress, and restores youthful skin texture, contour, and muscle tone. It involves a combination of deep tissue massage, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, and crystal therapy to renew your beauty in the safest way. I use top quality natural and organic products as well as incorporate Gua Sha and energy work into my treatments.



In the past, few options were available to people seeking an effective method to improve skin tone and reduce lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Options available in modern times are often invasive procedures with side effects. As a result of extensive research, a unique process of regenerative cosmetology called Facial Sculpturing or Deep Tissue Facial Massage was developed, using a myofascial release technique. It provides remarkable results. This treatment restores the polymeric bonding that gives skin its fresh, smooth appearance. This bonding may break down due to strains and stresses of life, toxicity, environmental pollutants, poor diet, lack of hydration, and years of exposure to sun and wind, simply the effects of time.  If your skin and muscle tone is looking less vibrant than you would like, this is the best treatment to refresh your appearance and restore your natural glow. 

Beauty & Health Benefits of Deep Tissue Facial Massage

  • Rejuvenates your face​

  • Nature's Botox: lifts, smooths, plumps

  • Helps heal scar tissue

  • Release tension in muscles and expression

  • Minimizes wrinkles and lines from strain

  • Reduces congestion, clears complexion

  • Your skin will glow, becomes luminous and even

  • May reduces symptoms of migraines, sinusitis

  • Eases Temple Mandibular Joint problems

  • Trigeminal Neuralgia

  • Scar tissue and surface scars fade

  • Detoxification, eases allergies

  • Eases eye strain

  • Relaxes the whole body, stimulates all meridians



This massage is not the typical lymph stimulating massage you will receive during a traditional facial. The surface of the skin can only reflect the structures supporting it and creating it, so in this advanced facial massage, we work on the deeper layers of the face to restore your natural tone and contour. Crystallization of scar tissue in the layers of the skin are melted away, and dormant cells deep in your skin are stimulated. It penetrates much deeper into the tissue, so with that comes more pressure, but the experience is relaxing and feels great.


Circulation is improved, toxins are released, allowing the muscle fibres to restore themselves. In this remarkable treatment, smooth texture and the elasticity of the skin returns, resulting in renewed radiance and a youthful glow. Muscle tone is dramatically improved with a lifting and firming effect. Your skin will look plump, fresh, healthy and lifted.



This facial treatment stimulates your face to breathe, open, relax, expand and renew itself. As a bonus, all of the meridians (channels of energy) in your body are stimulated during this facial massage, so your whole body receives a tune-up via this rejuvenating beauty treatment, which further allows for the release of accumulated tension. Clients are truly amazed with their results. For best results, 5 consecutive treatments are recommended (once a week for 5 weeks), but clients all report wonderful results after just one treatment. Try it for yourself, and if you like it (love it!) I offer a package of 5. As well, there is a Reiki-infused facial massage treatment option. I look forward to enhancing your natural beauty by sharing all of the benefits of this incredible non-surgical facelift technique with you. xo, Virginia

Canva - Beautiful Woman at a Facial Mass

Service Note

If you are a person with facial hair, please consider shaving to enjoy the full benefits of this treatment. If you are willing to shave, please do so as close to the appointment time as possible. If you prefer not to, this treatment will be adapted for you to receive the most benefit.


"Ginny! Magic hands. Beautiful soul. My sessions with you have been amazing. I honestly didn't know how much tension I held in my face until you starting working your magic on me. You just seem to know what to do to release whatever I am holding in there. I have had lots of really good facials in my life, but what you do is different. My face is different too. Softer. Thank you for being there. You are an angel. "

— Sara Brown Crowder

Author, HouseHeal: Transform Your Life through the Power of Home

"Virginia is a warm and welcoming person. As soon as I lay on her table I felt relaxed in her presence. Her treatment starts off gently and as my muscles relaxed she was able to go deeper with such care and skill that I was able to completely let go. I became aware of muscles in my face I didn't know I had. The stresses of the city melted away as I drifted off into a sea of bliss. Afterwards I felt rejuvenated and extremely grateful I had given attention to a part of my body I neglected in the past. After receiving Virginia's treatment I realized the benefits of facial massage are plentiful. Not only was I recharged and relaxed, my skin looked incredible. I highly recommend Virginia's facial treatment, your body and soul will thank you."

— Sharmila D., Toronto

"My time with Virginia was a truly healing and therapeutic  experience. I felt the facial tension releasing and the opening up to the reiki energy.  As an actress and model I was impressed at the glow and health of my skin after the treatment. And was most fascinated  by the state of peace and relaxation I felt afterwards. Virginia’s touch helped my face release tension and gave me a heightened awareness  of each muscular movement in the following days  discovering my relationship to holding tension and taping back into the release I experienced while working with Virginia. "

— Alyx M., Toronto

"Highly perceptive and extremely professional, time spent with Ginny is time very well spent.  Her space has a feel of openness with an attention to detail. Free of distractions and noticeably clean and neat, I was able to relax immediately. My experience was so lovely. It was also focused, straightforward and powerful. I personally recommend the facial massage before a Reiki session, so that you are deeply relaxed for the energy work. In my experience, my body responded quite quickly to Reiki after the facial massage. Thank you so much Ginny.  I am looking forward to our next session! " 

— Cayla C., New York

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