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Special Series

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Hi, I'm Virginia.

YB&B Blog offers an energetic perspective to glow through life.

Inspired by my love of  created YB&B in 2020 as a virtual haven for integrative well-being through the lens of energy and wellness.


Discover nourishing practices for your energy to enhance personal radiance for inspired well-being. 

Inspired by my love of feeling good and experience with vibrational healing, find holistic health tips, personal development tools, and natural beauty techniques. 

Blog content features musings on consciousness, energy, the cosmos and current affairs to elevate everyday life. 

Explore special blog series here. Stay tuned and keep shining xo V


What’s shimmering now? Visit YB&B Blog.

Words to feel your best and brightest.

I created YB&B in 2020 as a digital destination for energy medicine, integrative well being and natural beauty, with a holistic approach to the art and science of health. Inspired by my love of feeling good and experience with vibrational healing, YB&B offers an energetic perspective on how to glow through life. Blog content features my musings on consciousness, the cosmos and current affairs to elevate everyday life.  Along with stand alone articles, I'm excited about creating content series so we can really explore these universes together. I started with this series on Reiki, my favourite form of energy healing.


YB&B is still young, but here is a peak into our future together - the series I'm working on behind the scenes. Liminal Space is coming out next month, which I'm very excited about. This series explores the nature and purpose of transformation through the liminal space - will be helpful as we move through this surreal pandemic reality! The rest are vague timelines, please feel free to email me if there's one you're especially intrigued by, maybe I'll do it next! 


Stay tuned and keep shining... xo V


DISCOVER REIKI: illuminate with life force energy

Canva - Healing Hands and seven chakras.

Reiki is one of the most widely known forms of energy healing. This transformational energy technique is practiced by millions of people around the world to promote optimal energy flow for overall health, rejuvenation and well being. Reiki is a treasure for your energy system. Awakening your best and brightest energy flow.


View series here.

LIMINAL SPACE: a guide through these shifting times


The space between, where change is guaranteed. Understanding the way of transformation through the liminal space. Learn to navigate this space of transition using YB&B's model, and find opportunity in the purpose of change cycles. Becoming your best and brightest version of your self.

Coming March 2021

Read intro article here.


LIVING IN FREQUENCY: energy accounting


Exploring the interface between the dimensions of time, space, energy, and consciousness. Understanding zero point, the state of divine neutrality, inner stillness: creating and uncreating on the quantum level. Vibrational management. Rhythmic tuning, timelines, coherence matrix, ascension. Matrix grids, freedom, and sovereignty. Magnetic intent. Personal and collective energy accountability and alignment.  Maintain your best and brightest frequency.


Coming August 2021

HEART SPACE: breathe open love


Explore the biggest magnetic field in the body! Awakening and anchoring into the unconditional love of the sacred heart. Heart awakening, healing, expansion, create your best life through purifying the heart's magnetics. Inner flow, inner lightness, inner guardian, inner treasure, inner rose, inner flame. Embodied presence of purpose. Gravity of love harmonics ripples through every construct - most powerful force for healing. Consumption vs nourishment. Love your best and brightest.


LIVING IN MYTH: the magic and power of story


Since ancient times story has served as a vessel to create and share meaning, helping us understand ourselves and each other. Stories bond us together in the collective imagination with their remarkable capacity to humanize and mythologize at once. Stories create universes within which to find ourselves, identify our tribe, inviting us to connect through a shared sense of purpose. We live in story, and story comes to life through us, magnetizing us, satisfying our desire for meaning. How are the timeless tales appearing now? Fate, destiny, dharma, purpose. Living your best and brightest personal myth.


LIGHT KEYS: words are keys to the universe

Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 5.09.14 PM.png

A yogi would say that the universe begins on the tip of our tongue. Language is a creative force that gives us the power to create worlds with words. Explore the dynamic relationship between the realms of communication and creation, the ever evolving nature of meaning, and the continual process of shaping the cosmic landscape of our perpetually emerging collective consciousness. Mantra, NLP, affirmation, prayer. Words to feel your best and brightest.

LIGHT BODY: optimize your bio energetic system

Canva - Human aura.jpg

Your light body (energy body, aura) is a bio-plasmic seal of protection. It connects you to source energy and to your higher self. It is considered to be a vehicle of ascension, sometimes called a Merkaba, which we travel within on our divine journey. We absorb light through our energy body. Explore the interface between the physical body and the energy body,  informed by my lifelong study of the bio energy field and the well being that may be attained by cultivating our energetic wellness. Light work. Shine your best and brightest.

INSPIRATION: the divine mind illuminates our reality


Consciousness, the battle for awareness, over-coming unconsciousness. Belief, knowing and shaping our experience of reality. Awareness, inspiration, intuition. Meditation and co-creation. Purify the diamond mind. Learning to allow source intelligence to flow through us. Discernment, holographic reality, dreaming and awakening. Unified truth, connection, integration vs hall of mirrors, falseness, separation, manipulation, distortion, shadow projection. Information, misinformation. Objective, subjectives. Fountain of Remembrance. Unification. Freedom vs control via perception. The gaze, the lens, kaleidoscope. Integral clarity. Your best and brightest psyche.

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