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I get stressed pretty often with my work and environment, I never really take time for myself and end up feeling overwhelmed. Reiki helps me clear my mind, I forget about the space and time, and my energy feels naturally more balanced. The atmosphere at the studio is very peaceful and helps you disconnect the spirit from the body. It feels like your energy is reset to its original form and clean from the superficial thoughts that can cause stress and irritation. Virginia works on different part of the spirit and body and the overall benefits can be felt within the first minutes. It's the perfect way to refill your inner peace and clear your mind. I highly recommend the one hour reiki session to anybody who wants to free their spirit. "    

— Frederic B., Toronto

" Virginia's space is very clean, clutter-free and welcoming to a clear, relaxed mind state. She herself is very warm by nature and immediately I felt at ease under her guide and touch. Her approach is a perfect balance of compassion and professionalism. After a stressful week her magnetic touch had me feeling as though I was melting into the massage table, and I quickly slipped into a deep theta meditative state in which I saw spectacular kaleidoscopic colours indicative of a much-needed mental decompression. As an empirical skeptic I had my doubts about my first Reiki experience, but I was quickly convinced of its powerful virtues under the guide of Virginia, who is clearly the real deal. My only disappointment was it eventually ending. "    

— John L., Toronto

" In the past, with some energy healers, I have felt a bit of anxiety, like there was an unspoken expectation and mystery that I was unable to live up to.  Reiki with Ginny was a lovely experience. Her healing room is beautiful and feels light and calming. Ginny herself felt wholly grounded in good intentions, and like her studio, was filled with light. Starting the session I instantly felt safe and secure. I could feel Ginny’s hands fill with heat, and I was drawn into the experience of my body rather then feeling alienated from the healing process. I came away from the session feeling more grounded in myself. I hadn’t realized until I felt the post session peace and tranquility how anxious and strained I had been. Thank you Ginny, looking forward to another session soon! "    

— Tamara W., Toronto


" Many years ago, I had surgery on my fibula and ankle after a fall during one of our ice storms.  Two days ago, I re-injured the area and couldn’t put any weight on it. I probably overextended the area whilst out walking and that combined with arthritis caused a great deal of pain.  Along with icing and rest, I had a distance Reiki session with Virginia. It really helped reduce my pain level and I believe it will help to heal my injury overall.   


In addition, I have had fibromyalgia for many years which presents throughout the body as arthritis-type pain.  I’ve had several sessions over the past few years with Virginia, both in person and long-distance, and am very pleased with my treatments. I feel an overall sense of calm and relaxation and a reduction in pain levels throughout my body. Virginia conducts her Reiki practice in a very professional manner and I highly recommend her.  My treatments have been really helpful to me and I will definitely return for additional sessions. "      

— Patti D., Ottawa

" Although a new experience, Virginia instantly made me feel calm and in the proper head space.  Virginia envelops the process in loving and open energy.  It was easy to trust her with my personal journey.  During my session, I felt supported and relaxed.  I felt connected with energy.  The process, if you’re open to it, is a deeply moving one; my body pulsed, my chakras and temples mostly.  Different waves of intent flow through your consciousness. 


To have Virginia omitting into the cosmos on my behalf made me feel safe and loved.  She is a conduit to your spirit guide.  A very rare and important talent.  The messages she derived from my guides brimmed with resonance. I felt mentally and physically cleansed and had a deeper peace for days after. Our second session was quicker to dive deep into and continued to invoke matters of deep importance for my spiritual health. I am so grateful to have had this experience and look so forward to more graceful guidance from Virginia. "      

— Frances I., Ottawa



" I have recently engaged and benefited greatly from Virginia’s services for intuitive counsel and distance reiki. In both cases, the outcomes greatly surpassed my highest expectations. For the counsel and resulting reading, I had posed a question related to a burning issue, one that had been preoccupying me and indeed, causing some anxiety.  Virginia’s detailed insights and guidance resonated deeply and helped me to completely reframe what I had been approaching as an inescapable problem to a much more positive, calm outlook on one of life’s natural passages.

Similarly, the distance reiki session was an amazing gift. I had experienced the benefits of in-person reiki in the past but held some misgivings about how distance reiki would work. How could a practitioner thousands of miles away possibly engage with my energy? Beautifully, I discovered. During and after the session, I felt a deep sense of peace and lightness of being, and acceptance of the fact that I could be hopeful and happy while also deeply grieving a tremendous loss. I look forward to many more restorative sessions with Virginia. "

Sharon V., Kelowna

I get confused, I have a thousand ideas in my head and I get carried away by instinct, almost always making mistakes. I love your counsel, your words give me more courage to wait for the right time and think well about my decision and my situation at the moment. I feel like myself again. The answers that come through have been truly enlightening to me and helped me to rediscover the side of myself I have kept hidden for years. I thank you for your time that you dedicated to me, and for your passion for your work. For the next few months I will keep your teachings as a guide for these difficult times. Now, I would like to continue this beautiful exchange with you. I will keep you updated, and I wish you all the best that the universe has to offer. "

Federico F., Italy


" Ginny! Magic hands. Beautiful soul. My sessions with you have been amazing. I honestly didn't know how much tension I held in my face until you starting working your magic on me. You just seem to know what to do to release whatever I am holding in there. I have had lots of really good facials in my life, but what you do is different. My face is different too. Softer. Thank you for being there. You are an angel. "

— Sara Brown Crowder, Cobourg

Author, HouseHeal: Transform Your Life through the Power of Home

" Virginia is a warm and welcoming person. As soon as I lay on her table I felt relaxed in her presence. Her treatment starts off gently and as my muscles relaxed she was able to go deeper with such care and skill that I was able to completely let go. I became aware of muscles in my face I didn't know I had. The stresses of the city melted away as I drifted off into a sea of bliss. Afterwards I felt rejuvenated and extremely grateful I had given attention to a part of my body I neglected in the past. After receiving Virginia's treatment I realized the benefits of facial massage are plentiful. Not only was I recharged and relaxed, my skin looked incredible. I highly recommend Virginia's facial treatment, your body and soul will thank you. "

— Sharmila D., Toronto


Highly perceptive and extremely professional, time spent with Ginny is time very well spent.  Her space has a feel of openness with an attention to detail. Free of distractions and noticeably clean and neat, I was able to relax immediately. My experience was so lovely. It was also focused, straightforward and powerful. I personally recommend the facial massage before a Reiki session, so that you are deeply relaxed for the energy work. In my experience, my body responded quite quickly to Reiki after the facial massage. Thank you so much Ginny.  I am looking forward to our next session! " 

— Cayla C., New York

" My time with Virginia was a truly healing and therapeutic  experience. I felt the facial tension releasing and the opening up to the reiki energy.  As an actress and model I was impressed at the glow and health of my skin after the treatment. And was most fascinated  by the state of peace and relaxation I felt afterwards. Virginia’s touch helped my face release tension and gave me a heightened awareness  of each muscular movement in the following days  discovering my relationship to holding tension and tapping back into the release I experienced while working with Virginia. "

— Alyx M., Toronto

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