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Self Care after Reiki


After a treatment, Reiki continues to work through your energy field for your healing and well being. 

The clearing, restoration, and rebalancing course of a treatment usually last 3 days or so. Try to schedule a bit more downtime so your body can process the energy shift. You may feel tired with increased desire to rest, to allow for healing and rejuvenation can take place. 

Take the opportunities you have to rest or have a nap when you are able. Support your body to heal with sleep, drinking lots of water, good food and fresh air. Simply, honour the needs of your body. Most people sleep extremely well after Reiki. Drinking extra water is highly recommended, before and after. ​


When we are making a positive change in our overall health and wellness after a period of imbalanced living, it may stimulate a detox process, where our body releases its toxic burden. Although this does not happen to everyone nor does it happen after each session, in certain cases Reiki may stimulate a detox period. Sometimes we are ready to clear a higher degree of toxins, and clearing takes place at an increased frequency. 

It is traditionally considered a sign of progress, that the body's healing process has been accelerated. Essentially, for a short period of time you may experience symptoms related to the increased elimination of toxins as they rise to the surface to be cleared. Think of it as a self-induced cold. After old tissues are replaced, cellular performance will be significantly strengthened and you will feel a wonderful improvement in health and well being. Your body will be clearer and cleaner and able to function much more efficiently without the toxins. You will feel increased energy levels, clear eyes, glowing skin, and enjoy feeling so much better. Support your body by doubling water intake, eat simply, rest, stretch, and light exercise.  

To learn more about benefits you may feel overall after a Reiki session please see here.

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