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Reiki: Results and Expectations

This article is to offer guidance about what kinds of results you may expect with Reiki treatments, how many treatments may be needed to help with a health or personal issue, and to talk about the frequency with which sessions may be received.

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How many sessions do you recommend, and how frequently?

Reiki meets you where you are at and shifts your energy towards optimal health and well-being. Reiki is a preventative health practice and also supports the healing of specific health issues and the resolution of personal concerns at a deep level. Reiki offers results for everyone through a process of coming back into balance. As everyone is coming from a unique place, results and timelines may vary, as they are in relation to your specific symptoms and circumstances. Reiki always works through you for your highest good to meet your needs, and benefits occur with every treatment. Clients frequently feel wonderful results right away, and improvements will compound over time with continued sessions or personal practice.

How many sessions and how often you receive Reiki is up to you. It depends on your condition and on your goals, as healing is an individual journey. Sometimes our issues may be resolved quickly, while other concerns require time and commitment. With Reiki, results may be considered in terms of immediate gains (1 session), accelerated shifts (3-5 sessions), significant improvements obtained with regular treatments over several weeks/months (7-12+ sessions), and long-term transformations that come from regular practice. Below is an outline of what kinds of results you may reasonably expect to see in a given period of time. Please feel free to connect with me for further information or to receive personal guidance about how Reiki may help you with respect to the conditions you are working through.

You may find more than one session useful to process a personal concern or health issue. A series of sessions may create energetic shifts at deep levels of your being which lead to significant improvements in your body and overall well-being. For optimal results, multiple sessions in closer frequency facilitate a deep level of relaxation wherein the body can heal itself and release can take place. Try one session and see if it is for you.

Immediate Benefits and Gains - 1 session

You may feel distinct, gentle yet powerful shifts in your body and overall state of wellness after just one treatment. Benefits that may arise range from those listed above and please read more here and here. For example, pain and symptoms are often greatly diminished, and the healing process is activated. Frequently, the mind becomes clear, the heart is light, the spirit is calm, and the energy flows harmoniously. You may likely feel improvement regarding your intention as well as learn more insight into your overall state of balance. One session shifts your energy and starts the healing and clearing process. People frequently feel better and notice changes right away.

Accelerated Shifts & Resolution - 3-5 sessions

Generally it is recommended to have 3 sessions to help you work through a specific personal or health-related issue, especially if you are deliberately working towards or through change and healing in your life. Consider a short-term commitment of 3-5 sessions in a 1-3 week period to create accelerated shifts. Balance energy around a challenging condition and gain clarity to find resolution and move forward with renewed momentum. You may find relief, come into harmony, and experience considerable improvement in health-related concerns. By the 3rd session your energy will likely have shifted, so that you may feel different and relate to the issue from a different state.

Significant Change, Deep Improvements - 7-12+ sessions

For longer term imbalances, consider a series of 7-12+ sessions over a two to three month period to help shift your vibration at a deep level, and experience vast and steady improvements in your health and state of being. Sometimes longer term imbalances may show up in our bodies as illnesses, and in our lives as chronic personal issues. An intensive series of sessions may help to create significant shifts in your energy, and stimulate deep systemic healing. Reiki energy work is an excellent ally when trying to breaking long standing patterns, as this energy is known to catalyze the shift of ingrained energy patterns and remove deeply entrenched blocks in our system, stimulating fundamental renewal.

Reiki may offer invaluable support during periods of transition and/or crisis in our lives. When life circumstances are shifting dramatically around you, due to external or internal pressures, and you are going through intense personal change, Reiki may help ease and optimize this shifting process for your highest good. The energy will help soothe you towards balance, come back to self, and create the healing and transformations you desire from a place of inner stability.

Long term blessings - steady Reiki practice

Results grow over time. While Reiki has many positive benefits to bless us with in just one session, immeasurable value may be gained over time with continued Reiki. Healing often happens in layers, and every time you clear, balance, and shift your energy state, this creates conditions for further healing to take place. Reiki transforms you from the inside, uplifting you on a fundamental level, beginning with your energy, and makes it’s way through your body, mind, heart and spirit. Reiki seems to accelerate the evolution of the individual, and this is reflected in how you feel and in your life as wonderful personal growth. Reiki vibrates at the frequency of universal love and light, and teaches us to love ourselves unconditionally, and extend that compassion to others and to the world. Reiki will activate you to become your best self and to create, enjoy, and share your brightest life. The cumulative effects of Reiki on your health and well being are incredible.

Learn Reiki for Self Care

I will be teaching Reiki level 1 in the fall, and will announce those dates soon.

Learning the energy art of Reiki is an excellent way to help you self-heal, self-discover, and self-actualize. Make it part of your self care practice. Many people enjoy Reiki on a regular basis as a preventative measure, as well as for pain management and to alleviate symptoms. Sometimes, at certain points in life, one may find that their healing requires a dedicated commitment, and Reiki is a powerful and accessible way to literally put the power of healing into your own hands. If you are experiencing longer term illness or personal issues on your healing journey, Reiki may be a good option to incorporate in your life on a regular basis. If you feel inclined to learn Reiki, please send me an email (

Stay tuned for an exciting article about what the current scientific research is saying about Reiki.

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