Reiki Benefits your Heart


Welcome to an overview of how Reiki flows through your heart and emotional body. For an in depth analysis of Reiki and Heart level healing, please see here.

~ heal, open & uplift your heart ~

Emotional Benefits of Reiki

Emotional balance 

  • Steady overwhelming emotions

  • Regulate mood swings

  • Maintain inner harmony

  • Refine emotional expression

Reassures the heart

  • Feels safe 

  • Calm the heart

  • Supportive, nurturing 

  • Feel at peace

  • Ease and grace

  • Allows the heart to relax

Comforting during grieving process

  • Ease the pain of loss

  • Soothes heartaches and emotional pain

  • Heart healing

  • Soften desperate emotions

  • Relief from grips of sadness

  • Lifts your heart

  • Reduces weight of suffering

Emotional breakthroughs

  • Assist in processing deep difficult feelings

  • Release suppressed feelings

  • Heal emotional triggers

  • Feel what you need to feel

  • Be emotionally present

  • Connect more deeply with others

  • Emotional freedom flows

  • Heal wounded inner child


  • Purify the heart space

  • Release grudges and resentments

  • Let go of attachment to wounds

  • Heal emotional injuries

  • Come to peace

  • Gain closure and move on

  • Release the emotional burden of negative feelings

  • Create space in your heart

Resolve trauma

  • Process and release shock

  • Recover from abuse

  • Stimulates integration

  • Clear painful memories

  • Release residue and clear effects of trauma from your life

Open and uplift the heart space

  • Enjoy more sweetness

  • Feel more carefree 

  • Inner joy

  • Happy heart opening

  • Increase compassion for self and others  

  • Loving kindness

  • Nurture and appreciate self and others

  • Feel more positive 

  • Sense of inner lightness

  • Grow in empathy

  • Overall good feelings 

  • Improve relationships

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