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Reiki Benefits your Heart - overview


Welcome to an overview of how Reiki flows through your heart and emotional body. For an in depth analysis of Reiki and Heart level healing, please see here.

~ heal, open & uplift your heart ~

Emotional Benefits of Reiki

Emotional balance 

  • Steady overwhelming emotions

  • Regulate mood swings

  • Maintain inner harmony

  • Refine emotional expression

Reassures the heart

  • Feels safe 

  • Calm the heart

  • Supportive, nurturing 

  • Feel at peace

  • Ease and grace

  • Allows the heart to relax

Comforting during grieving process

  • Ease the pain of loss

  • Soothes heartaches and emotional pain

  • Heart healing

  • Soften desperate emotions

  • Relief from grips of sadness

  • Lifts your heart

  • Reduces weight of suffering

Emotional breakthroughs

  • Assist in processing deep difficult feelings

  • Release suppressed feelings

  • Heal emotional triggers

  • Feel what you need to feel

  • Be emotionally present

  • Connect more deeply with others

  • Emotional freedom flows

  • Heal wounded inner child​


  • Purify the heart space

  • Release grudges and resentments

  • Let go of attachment to wounds

  • Heal emotional injuries

  • Come to peace

  • Gain closure and move on

  • Release the emotional burden of negative feelings

  • Create space in your heart

Resolve trauma

  • Process and release shock

  • Recover from abuse

  • Stimulates integration

  • Clear painful memories

  • Release residue and clear effects of trauma from your life

​​ Open and uplift the heart space

  • Enjoy more sweetness

  • Feel more carefree 

  • Inner joy

  • Happy heart opening

  • Increase compassion for self and others  

  • Loving kindness

  • Nurture and appreciate self and others

  • Feel more positive 

  • Sense of inner lightness

  • Grow in empathy

  • Overall good feelings 

  • Improve relationships

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