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The Beautiful Experience of Reiki - what is it like?


Although each session is unique, there are many common feelings and experiences that occur during a Reiki treatment.  Most people feel a combination of the following states of being during their Reiki experience:


Transcendental Relaxation & Deep Calm

You will feel completely relaxed.  The frequency of Reiki energy is very calming for the body.  It induces a state of profound relaxation, calming the parasympathetic nervous system.  Our brainwaves shift down to slower frequencies, and breathe becomes deep and steady.  Most people begin to feel incredibly relaxed once Reiki begins, and remain in a tranquil space of serenity through the session.  In fact, people often yawn and even fall asleep, this is totally normal and facilitates the healing process.


Harmony and Well Being

The sense of inner peace you feel with Reiki is unmistakable.  We are flooded by the sensation that all is well, and this puts us in the state of allowing where we feel an overall harmony arises throughout our body.  We often feel the burdens we were carrying melt away with this blissful feeling.


To the Wisdom of our Inner Being

When we connect with source energy, we also connect with the light of source within ourselves.  This enhances awareness of our own knowing, enabling us to tap into the wellspring of our inner wisdom.  Many people feel more deeply connected with themselves and their energy, and gain access to intuitive clarity on the threshold between the conscious and unconscious mind.  We can tune in and listen to the universe of our inner being.  In this process you may perceive insight in the form of seeing images, colours, through your feelings, what you hear, or otherwise.  You may get flashes of memories, or visualizations for the future.


A Comforting Connection with Source Energy

Reiki connects us with the comforting wellspring of source energy for healing.  This supportive energy puts us at ease in receptive mode, which allows us to let go and surrender to the process of energy work.  The safe space connecting with Reiki energy offers helps us feel secure, comfortable to receive and allow healing to occur.  We feel effortlessly taken care of by the healing flow, pain is soothed away.  ​


A State of Grace

Reiki is of love and light.  During a Reiki session we are enveloped in a presence of grace.  Many people feel a spiritual energy, or experience a state where they feel they are tuning into the divine.  Some individuals describe a feeling of luminosity, a glowing radiance around them, may sense benevolent beings, and even receive insightful guidance from a spiritual source.  When we connect with source energy we are connecting to the divine.  In Reiki sessions both the practitioner and clients often clearly experience feeling supported by guide beings, and any intuitive insight and understanding provided will be shared during or after session.​


Gain Insight and Shift Perspective

As we continue to relax, our consciousness expands into deep mindfulness, and we are able to access a broader perspective or awareness.   It is a similar type of timeless space as when we are slowly waking up from a deep sleep, between dream space and waking life, or when in a meditation or daydream.  You may feel a bit floaty.  From this wider framework we gain insight by connecting with universal intelligence, here we are able to see our circumstances from a more balanced point of view, and find objectivity, understanding, clarity, and solutions.  We are able to transform our perspective and let go of our attachment to certain feelings, thoughts, stories, patterns of behaviour.  This is how shifts can occur, and we transform our energy.


We can feel our Stress, Tension, and Pain melting away

You may be aware of your energy being cleared; one of my clients described it as feeling like he was being cleaned from the inside out.  Generally we feel our pain (physical and emotional) diminishing or disappearing.  Stress is released, tensions dissolves, and you can feel the blocks melting away.  You may experience spontaneous emotions such as tears or laughter, releasing pent up emotions like sadness or fear from your system.  You may experience trembling if releasing deeper levels of fear or anger.


Source energy restores and refreshes your energy

Often we may feel source energy rushing through us and revitalizing us as our energy flow is restored.  This may feel like energy surges as our life force is replenished, as if our energy was being amplified, strengthened, nourished, and charged up from the inside.  If a lot of clearing took place, the energy that was blocked or stagnant is now liberated and moving through you again, and this might be quite noticeable during or after the session as increased energy levels. 

To learn more about how Reiki feels in your body, see here.

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