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How does Reiki Feel in your Body?


First of all, Reiki is painless. 


The way you feel during a Reiki treatment depends on how Reiki guides your energy. Everyone experiences Reiki differently, as all individuals are unique, and so are their energy imbalances.  Sensations of rebalancing that occur during a treatment, and results enjoyed after, may not be exactly how a family member or friend felt. Reiki satisfies each person’s individual needs, and the energy shifts Reiki brings are according to the condition of our energy, determined by the way our personal energy is restored in a session. The energy moves differently for everyone. 

We feel our energy rebalancing in all sorts of ways, and there are no right or wrong ways to feel during a session. Most sensations are pleasant, others are subtle, and some are bizarre. You may feel some interesting and unusual sensations during your sessions as Reiki energy moves through you. If you do feel any of the following sensations, they are nothing to be concerned about and will pass quickly, they are simply an effect of your energy flow being restored. While intriguing, try not to make the strange sensations that arise during a Reiki session overly significant; the value is in the way you feel after a session and over time with cumulative sessions. You may gain awareness of the imbalance in your body by observing shifts taking place, or you may wish to relax completely and surrender to the experience.



Temperature Shifts

Moments of clearing and balancing may feel like intense temperature shifts. You may feel degrees of warmth of coolness, like a gentle breeze, hot spots, cold spots, hot flashes, or shivers. Often my hands will get hot when a lot of energy is being replenished, or cold when deep clearing is taking place, for example when releasing deep pain or anger you may feel chilled.

The Reiki Pulse

​The practitioner channels a healing current of energy and this flow may feel like a magnetic current.  You may experience this magnetic current pulsing; energy balancing can feel like pulsing and release, and you may feel your body vibrate as it shifts. Your body and bio field will absorb as much energy as it needs, and the current will flow slowly or rapidly on varying positions of your body. Some places it is a smooth flow, others more erratic.

Tingling & Misc.

​As flow is restored, your body realigns itself and you may feel and hear movements such as tingling, pins and needles, muscle twitching, ringing in the ears, may experience slight re-adjusting of bones, gurgling, itchy, and sometimes I have felt the energy jumping and moving as it is being cleared and re-awoken.  Your eyes may flutter and blink is the glands in your head are balancing, it feels like the pineal gland is sparkling. You may feel stagnant energies being pulled out of you through your feet. 

Extra Hands

​You may feel as if my hands remain in a position, even though you know they have changed position. For example, you may feel hands on your head even though my hands have moved on to your knees. This simply means Reiki is still working on your head.

To learn more about what people often experience during Reiki see here.

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