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Your Reiki Intention



​It is useful to consider your purpose for your Reiki session. People come for all sorts of reasons, and all are of value. Your intention may be simple and open-ended, such as simply 'overall wellness and healing', the desire to maintain and amplify well being. Or it may be clearly defined, such as to address a specific health or personal concern. Essentially, your intention for the session centres around what would you like release, shift, and receive in your life.  

Having an intention is a positive as it helps to guide the session. It is the backdrop upon which to understand your experience with energy work, the filter for your session, and it helps your mind relax by giving it something to focus on. It will also assist the practitioner work towards your goal together. If you are unsure, discuss your symptoms and create an intention with your practitioner.

Clarifying your intention opens a dialogue between you and source energy, which fosters trust in Reiki, and allows you to relax into the receiving mode. It is a way to commune with Reiki, to ask spirit to direct energy flow through and around you according to your needs and wishes, which puts you in the state of allowing. Although Reiki is intelligence and knows how to operate in your system to help you in the best way for your highest good whether given instruction or not, sharing one's purpose satisfies our consciousness and helps us release attachment and surrender to the energetic process. Reiki works in the most wonderful ways, and all we need to do is witness. Whatever your reason for experiencing the healing flow, I trust Reiki will assist your healing, satisfy your energy needs, and illuminate you.

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