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Ring in Harmony

Be there with bells on 🔔🎶✨: Creating harmony with sound and music

Sound is a powerful way to set the tone of the space around us - to clear, move and adjust the energy in and around you, to change the frequency. 🔔🎶✨

The clear sounds from bells or chimes ringing literally vibrate incongruent energy back into harmonious alignment, which is positive energy for us and our space. Sound clearing is so easy, just ring a bell around the space for a minute or so until the bell rings clear and the space feels more free. You and your space will feel more awake, present, more clear. 🔔 If you don't have a bell, you could use a chime, or a singing bowl, or gently tap a glass with a utensil. Whatever you have that makes a clear high pitched sound, will clear your space and create harmonious energy fields around you.

✨Harmonious alignment is our natural state, but sometimes we need to be refreshed. When we talk about ‘negative’ energy, it just means energy that is out of alignment, and we want to clear whatever is interfering and creating patterns of disharmony, before the entropy sets in and creates deeper layers of disharmony. Basically, we want to clean up any messy or misaligned energy patterns with the healing vibrations of sound. When we do that, we experience the clarity and peace that arises when your space is in harmonious energetic alignment.

Not ‘feeling’ it? 🙉Change the music 🎵💛 Using sound and playing music is a perfect way to bring yourself and your space into harmony, and to set the tone to support you and your intentions. Every song offers unique vibrations. Sometimes when I’m working and find a song that really clicks, I listen to it on repeat, and it seems to energize me and put me in the zone in a totally unique way, anyone else find that? 💛🎶💡 What musical vibrations do you find most harmonious for you? Share your favourite energy boosting music, and your favourite ways to use sound to shape the atmosphere 💗 xo V.

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