Reiki Benefits your Energy Field


Welcome to an overview of how Reiki flows through your Energy Field. For an in depth analysis of Reiki and Energy Body healing, please see here.

~ maintain optimal flow & radiate ~

Energetic Benefits of Reiki

Overall Energetic Awareness

  • Enhanced connection with your life force and source energy 

  • Become more aware of your subtle body

Release and Purify

  • Clear system of stagnant energy

  • Unlock flow and dissolve blocks

  • Purify your energy

Inner Lightness, Renewal and Clarity

  • Create inner space and lightness

  • Luminosity - feel clearer

  • Activate momentum, bring in new energy 

  • Uplifts our energy

  • Raise your vibration

  • Glow from the inside out

  • Feel brighter, radiance

Restore Proper Energy Flow and Balance

  • Restore optimal energy flow 

  • Free your life force

  • Reclaim your vital energy

  • Replenish your life force 

  • Refresh your energy

  • Recharge your energy

  • Reiki brings you back to centre

Stability, Alignment, and Overall Harmony

  • Harmony and alignment

  • Balance and equilibrium 

  • Energy is stabilized and integrated

  • Feel grounded and present

  • Heal and strengthen your energy field

  • Heal, protect and seal your aura

Transformation and Growth

  • Shift your energy

  • transform your energy patterns

  • Positive change

  • Expansion 

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