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Reiki Benefits your Energy Field - overview


Welcome to an overview of how Reiki flows through your Energy Field. For an in depth analysis of Reiki and Energy Body healing, please see here.

~ maintain optimal flow & radiate ~

Energetic Benefits of Reiki

Overall Energetic Awareness

  • Enhanced connection with your life force and source energy 

  • Become more aware of your subtle body

Release and Purify

  • Clear system of stagnant energy

  • Unlock flow and dissolve blocks

  • Purify your energy

Inner Lightness, Renewal and Clarity

  • Create inner space and lightness

  • Luminosity - feel clearer

  • Activate momentum, bring in new energy 

  • Uplifts our energy

  • Raise your vibration

  • Glow from the inside out

  • Feel brighter, radiance

Restore Proper Energy Flow and Balance

  • Restore optimal energy flow 

  • Free your life force

  • Reclaim your vital energy

  • Replenish your life force 

  • Refresh your energy

  • Recharge your energy

  • Reiki brings you back to centre

Stability, Alignment, and Overall Harmony

  • Harmony and alignment

  • Balance and equilibrium 

  • Energy is stabilized and integrated

  • Feel grounded and present

  • Heal and strengthen your energy field

  • Heal, protect and seal your aura

Transformation and Growth

  • Shift your energy

  • transform your energy patterns

  • Positive change

  • Expansion 

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