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Let the Rainbow Flow Through You


Heal yourself with the power of pure light

It is Midsummer in the Northern hemisphere. Enjoy these long beautiful days of light! Summer solstice and a solar eclipse, it’s the brightest time of the year these days when we in the north part of Earth receive the most daylight from the sun, and the perfect time to bring more light into your body. Let natural light fill up every cell, activating your inner rainbow for healing and growth. Here is a quick and easy meditation to restore balance and stimulate growth with the power of light using all the colours of the rainbow.

Virginia Leigh Gross + Rainbow + Bahamas
Walking Gordon's Beach, Long Island, Bahamas


Fill your body with light and activate your inner rainbow

This energy exercise and meditation is an easy way to brighten your energy and heal your body by filling yourself up with light and colour. By far, it is the simplest and quickest way to invoke the energies of the rainbow in your body. It can be done any time of day, but I find that connecting with the sun is a wonderful way to charge yourself up when you wake up and start your day. You can do this meditation however you like - sitting still, or moving around - whatever feels better is the best way for you.

Rainbow Bright meditation

Open the curtains and connect with the sun. If you can do this outside, that’s great. It’s easy to do now in Canada as the sun has been shining and the weather is spectacular. During the winter it can get pretty dark, so use a supplementary source for the natural daylight we may miss, such as the SAD light or even just having a nice bright light in the room with you. You can also experiment by using a candle in the evening. So depending on the day and the season, just use the brightest and most natural light source available to you.

Be with the sun, connect with the sun, and bring its clear light into your body, fill yourself up with energy from that light source. Feel the rays of the sun shining through every cell in your body, and charge yourself up with its primal energy. I am someone who tends towards feeling cold, and I recently discovered, this is a way to activate my body to heat itself up naturally. Look at the sun, don’t hurt your eyes, but by looking at the sun for a few moments, we can absorb its energy through our eyes.

magnolia, sunshine, rainbow
Your Best and Brightest by V

Next, let’s activate the rainbow in our light energy body. Bring light into your body and use colour as though you are a prism, and imagine all the colours of the rainbow shining through you. One by one, imagine each colour of the rainbow filling your body with their light. They flow through you from the crown of your head through your body, and out through your limbs. Invoke its energy and draw the energy of each colour through you. Feel the rays of each colour of the rainbow penetrate your cells, the different sensations each colour offers as they flow through you. For variation, you can also call in more specific shades of each colour, from rich velvety shades to creamy bright tints, from clear saturated hues, to softened subtler tones. To take green as an example we have shades like teal, olive, and army; tints like grass, kelly and sea-foam; hues like lime, emerald, and spruce; and tones like mint, jade, and moss. Be as basic or nuanced as you wish. To finish, seal the energy with the clear light of the sun again, and imagine it surrounding all of you with radiance and protection, and connect to your own inner light through the rainbow you’ve made inside.

This rainbow exercise is one of my favourite and most accessible ways to experience and start gaining awareness of how different energetic frequencies in our environment can affect us. You will feel the differences each colour makes in your body, and grow to understand how different colours work through your body and energy field. Play with light and colours and how they effect your body and overall wellness, explore the different feelings each colour offers. It is fun to do all the colours, and also to call on specific colours that resonate especially well at different moments. Call in the colours and the light anytime throughout your day to re-energize yourself. Ask the light to fill you and work through you. As you absorb light, you will increase in energy. Absorbing light from all the colours of the rainbow helps you body stay in balance, and activates healing and growth. Healing with all the colours of the spectrum can be done by anyone anywhere and it’s nearly effortless. All you need is your imagination, light and to remember you’re a rainbow. Change your energy up like this anytime using the bright light of the sun.



Add another layer to the meditation

Use colour to balance the chakras in the body

The chakra-based model of the human energy system from Indian philosophy explains how the rainbow emerges from the body. A chakra is an energy centre in the body, and each of the seven colours of the rainbow resonates with the energy of one of the seven main chakras, which rise up the centre of the body in a column. If we are a prism focusing divine light, then the chakras are facets of that prism. Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit, so chakras essentially operate as wheels, or vortexes even, which bring energy into and out of your body. A healthy energy system is based on harmony, and so when the chakras are spinning in harmony, this allows for health in the physical body. Using the seven colours of the visible light spectrum, colour therapy can help to balance and enhance the function of our chakras when we use the appropriate colour that corresponds with the frequency of each chakra. I use colour therapy in my chakra balancing energy healing treatment which can be found on the Book Online page under Reiki.

Enhance the rainbow meditation above by incorporating the chakra model into your meditation. It is easy to learn if you are not familiar.

Chakras (

RED - Root/base - located at perineum

ORANGE - Sacral - located 2 inches below navel

YELLOW - Solar Plexus - located between navel and sternum

GREEN - Heart - located at chest level

BLUE - Throat - located at throat

INDIGO - 3rd eye - located between eyebrows

VIOLET / WHITE - Crown - located on top of head



Play with colour, play with lights

Life in technicolour - invite colour and light into your life

Colour is part of our everyday lives and affects us on a daily basis. Since colour is all around us, it is accessible for everyone to experiment with for free! Easy and natural, we can all work with the colours on this beautiful planet. We can be considerate of the colours we wear, the colours we bring into our environment, the colours we eat. Be creative! Painting and drawing are a wonderful way to enjoy colour. Brighten your surroundings, open the curtains, and let the light in. And of course, the Rainbow Meditation above is an excellent way to do colour therapy with your own imagination. Colour therapy is an easy way and a good reason to add more colour and light into your life and create rainbows in your environment. Paying attention to how different colours make your feel can clue you in to any imbalances you may have or what you may be feeling extra passionate and inspired about right now. Get to know yourself vibrationally through the use of colour, make different choices and see how different colours make you feel. Overtime, you will gain heightened awareness of how colours affect you and how to work with them to shift your energy, to shift how you feel. Pay attention to how different colours make you feel and honour what you find in your choices!

V wearing the rainbow

Shine your light, Share your Rainbow

Bring the rainbow into your bubble. We are all connected by the rainbow, by the energy that moves through us and animates our being. The rainbow truly is a bridge. When we make time to brighten our inner rainbow, you will find more bridges in your life to the people and the love around you. Taking care of your energetic health, life becomes more colourful and bright. Have fun connecting with your inner light, and make this world brighter one rainbow at a time. Wishing you all a beautiful time soaking up the sun!! Also, it’s Pride month, so basically, it’s Rainbow Time, there will be reminders everywhere! XO V

Rainbow thought bubbles (

life is like a crystal in the sun, everywhere you look there's a rainbow,

in the great white light we are one ... remember that old children's song?

To learn about the science of how light and colour are used in energy medicine, read this post.

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