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Reiki and your Soul: how Reiki supports your Spirit - in detail

~ spiritual wellness & development ~

Let's talk about soul level healing. Connecting with source energy develops our spirit, helps us grow in consciousness, gain in wisdom, and self-actualize, by accessing spirit and developing our relationship with our inner being and the universe. Reiki liberates our spirit and increases us in soul wisdom. For an overview see here.

Spiritual Reasons to Come for Reiki

INNER PEACE AND HARMONY Connecting with Reiki energy often brings us into a blissful state. A deep feeling of inner peace arises, a comforting sense that all is well, acceptance of ourselves, others, life circumstances. Helps you feel more harmonious and at ease deep inside yourself, comfortable in your skin, at home in your soul. We grow more gentle and balanced, and become a source of calm and stability in the world. Reiki sessions promote a psycho-spiritual feeling of overall well being and help you centre in yourself. Our spirit is refreshed, we feel revitalized, and this harmony flows through your life. Gain a sense of stability and security in the world.

CONNECTION & INTEGRATION - in tune with source energy and self  Reiki cultivates a greater understanding of self and our connection with universal energy. Connecting with source energy enhances our connection with ourselves, others, life force energy, the universe, nature, and life itself. The integration of our energy helps us feel more aligned in our lives, and the more in tune we feel, the more we can connect with others, all the world within and around you. Helps to deepen you and all of your relationships, and we grow in love, esteem and appreciation for self and others. If you have been feeling alone, connecting with spirit reminds you that you are never alone. The deepening sense of connection with self and integration with the universe has a wonderful effect that flows throughout one’s life. We feel in tune with ourselves and the rhythm of the universe, in sync with the cycles of life, following the flow of spirit.   Feeling in tune increases our ability to be wise, as we are better able to bridge the links, see between the layers, and find meaning in the patterns around us. Develop enhanced respect for the integration of all of life, cultivate understanding of self, others and the space between. Gain understanding of the interconnection of all of life and trust in the benevolence of the universe.

INNER BEING - connect with inner truth  The balancing energy of Reiki helps us find our centre and tune in deeply with ourselves, to get in touch and align with our inner truth. Feel at home in your soul space and connect with the spark of source within, the eternal flame of your awareness. When we silence our minds, we can hear our inner being, listen to the wisdom within, and access intuitive insight from our subconscious mind.  Our inner being holds the map and the keys to self realization and actualization. The more in tune we are with ourselves, we develop a relationship with our inner voice, and learn to trust it. Trusting your inner knowing is the resolution of uncertainty: when we settle into our divine knowingness, our deep clarity grows.  Instinctively, we understand authentic wisdom is to be found within - it settles us, it just feels right.  The insights we arrive at on our own always ring true. There is no comparison to the certitude we gain from trusting our own knowing rather than deferring outside ourselves for the answers we seek to life’s questions. Look within, build trust in the best and brightest part of you, connect deeply with your inner truth, and know the wisdom of your soul. As you develop trust in yourself you gain clarity and become comfortable in your knowing; when you reflect within you realize what you have found. Gain confidence in your path and consult your inner knowing when you're unsure of your steps; let your deep self guide you. Understanding your nature helps you live with more elegance and honouring yourself helps you thrive.

CLEARING RESISTANCE & LIBERATING YOUR WILL We may acquire energy patterns that do not serve us, and in fact impede or block the proper flow and expression of our energy. These types of patterns become a force of resistance within us and in our lives. Resistance is the sum total of habits and attachments that contribute to our decline and take us down if unchecked: the behaviours, beliefs, and reactions we’ve assumed that are self-defeating, yet we cannot seem to clear from our lives despite effort. Resistance is everything between you and your authentic flow: it contorts and limits expression and movement. It is the greatest disintegrating element in our consciousness and energy system, the energy of struggle, decay, disorder: it is the pain we hang onto because we have not yet processed it, which becomes our self-sabotaging programming. The very nature of resistance can be considered like a force of entropy in our lives trapped by its own inertia: the more resistance we accrue the more work it takes to overcome it, yet the less energy we have available for the effort. Oftentimes we are unaware of our resistance because we have become accustomed to it, and we do not understand why we keep finding ourselves in the same situation, although circumstances have changed.  We do not like the way things are, but cannot seem to find the energy or initiative to break through our patterns.  We may be able to identify inner resistance when we feel emotions like fear and overwhelm; exhibit behaviours like procrastination, chronic disorganization, blame, projection, and making excuses; have mental rigidity, paralyzing uncertainty, or scattered focus; or experience increased tension and exhaustion in the body, when we are about to make a change or try something different. Whenever we are creating something new, our resistance is triggered to the surface to be cleared. The process is clearing resistance creates an enormous energetic shift in your life: it moves you from feeling like an effect at the mercy of circumstances to becoming the force of change in your life. It is the decision to stop reacting and start creating, to take ownership of your causal power by assuming responsibility to stop the downward spiral of resistance. When you clear resistance, you clear the energy of struggle and the patterns of disorder; apathy and malaise are replaced by motivation, inner lightness, and willingness.  Clearing resistance takes awareness, initiative and effort, but once this process is set in motion, your energy will become increasingly liberated and you will feel freer than ever before.  Reiki can activate and support this momentous shift in our lives by restoring proper energy flow, dissolving blocks and clearing long standing energy patterns.  With continued clearing you free your energy to do as you will: the more orderly and aligned your energy system, the higher your energy levels, the greater supply of energy you have to re-establish order.  It takes will power to stay disciplined through this process of self-liberation through conquering the forces of resistance: Reiki supports you on all levels towards this higher level of freedom.  Order is the key to liberating your willpower and energy and Reiki can help you heal and transform your life from the inside out so you may flourish and live your dreams, no matter past experience, presence circumstance, age, or any of the labels society might try to impose upon your energy.  In the process life lessons are completed and karma resolved.

ILLUMINATION ~ self actualization & becoming energetically sovereign Reiki assists you to self-actualize and flourish in your life as your energy is stimulated to become increasingly clear, balanced and aligned. As energetic obstacles are dissolved, everything flows better and life becomes easier: where you might have felt previously stuck, distracted, or misdirected, you are now more easily able to surmount obstacles, maintain clarity and move forward. As proper flow is restored, momentum is activated facilitating movement towards your life goals, giving you the energy to take the next steps, helping you create a new condition and a greater level of stability. Reiki brings new energy into your life and gets in things moving, helping you grow, create abundance and up level in your life.   While resistance keeps us living at a minimum, Reiki flow can help us to become all we are meant to be. As resistance is cleared, your soul is liberated from illusion, and your energy becomes increasingly free and authentic, allowing you to be more intentional with how you use your energetic resources, being more purposeful in your life, getting back on track. Liberating your life force brings your energy into the present time where it is available to you, giving you the power to manifest your true will, to channel your energy in a way that offers the most personal satisfaction and joy. This process amplifies and empowers you to become a force of embodied presence in your life. You are now making choices from a place of wisdom, love and light, to create the life of your dreams. These energetic conditions help you hold your power, believe in yourself, gain resolve and confidence in your path, and deeply connect with your life purpose. Reiki flows through your whole system and illuminates you over time, assisting you in your expansion, allowing you to live your life fully. As you progress you become the best and brightest version of yourself, and your fulfillment naturally overflows into the lives of others.

PSYCHIC EXPANSION & AWAKENING  Reiki creates a gentle sacred space around us with source energy, and helps us feel a greater connection with the wisdom of spirit. The more peaceful we feel the more quiet we become inside, and as our inner narrative settles, we may become receptive and let the universe in. We gain insight not just from the wisdom that flows from our inner being and exploring our own psyche; connecting with the universe increases you in wisdom. As your consciousness expands you may find your intuitive abilities are greatly enhanced, tapping into the collective consciousness, accessing universal intelligence that exists in the energy all around us. We receive insight and expand our perspective when receiving Reiki and this develops over time. The expanded awareness leads to psychic opening, illuminating your consciousness.  We can connect deeply with spirit in Reiki practice. Both myself and clients often have awareness of assistance from spirit and beings of light; you may feel aware of a divine presence or spiritual radiance around you and connect with that energy. Sometimes we feel the presence of guides in the room, perhaps you may feel an angelic presence, different animals, elementals. During sessions we often experience receiving wisdom or guidance from a spiritual source. You might feel a greater connection with your higher self, spirit guide(s), soul star family. By accessing spiritual intelligence, we gain in awe inspiring wisdom, trust in your higher self, and learn deep universal truths. Reiki advances our spiritual development and helps us access other realms, divine dimensions in the universe and in our inner landscape.

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