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Reiki benefits your Mind/Psyche - overview


Welcome to an overview of how Reiki flows through your mind. For an in depth analysis of Reiki and healing the psyche, please see here.

~ clear your mind & heal your psyche ~

Psychological Benefits of Reiki

Mental breakthroughs

  • Clear the decks

  • Get to the root of mental blocks 

  • Dissolve subconscious mental blocks

  • Release false belief structures

  • Purify thought pattern

  • Clear self-sabotaging programming

  • Clear conditioning

  • Stop negative self talk

Open your mind

  • Create space for new ideas

  • Curiosity and wonder

  • Creativity and inspiration

  • Stimulate the imagination

  • Free your mind

  • Elevate your mind

  • Illumination of the psyche


  • Gain equanimity 

  • Inner wisdom

  • Neutral perspective

  • Gain objectivity

  • Gain mental composure

  • Access inner wisdom

  • Gain intuitive insight

Expand awareness

  • Find insight

  • Expand viewpoint, gain broader perspective

  • Reframe events 

  • Find solutions

  • Shift our point of view

  • Expand the mind

  • Make wise decisions

  • Shift thought patterns, transform how you think

Mental clarity 

  • Gain a deep sense of clarity

  • Think clearly

  • Improved mental capacity

  • Improved memory

  • Overcome brain fog

  • Release self doubt

  • Find relief from confusion and uncertainty 

  • Trust your judgments

Psychological support

  • Ease anxiety 

  • Heal your psyche

  • Mental health support

  • Ease your mind

  • Calms your nerves

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