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Reiki and your Body: how Reiki supports you Physically - in detail

~ physical health & wellness ~ Let's talk about Reiki and your Body. Reiki may be used to promote overall health and wellness, to heal and recover from a wide range of health challenges, as well as to manage pain and other symptoms in a natural way. Reiki heals and purifies the body, and boosts the immune system. For an overview see here.

Physical Reasons to Come for Reiki

CULTIVATE OPTIMAL HEALTH  Many people enjoy Reiki on a regular basis as part of their health and wellness regimen, to protect and improve their overall physical health and well being. Sessions steadily improve your state of wellness, restoring you to optimal health. Use Reiki to elevate your wellness and become more healthy overall with regular energy tune-ups. Reiki boosts immunity and strengthens our ability to self-heal. Regular Reiki practice is beneficial in slowing down the aging process, as the body is consistently being infused with healing energy, so you may experience optimal health in your life.

INCREASE VITALITY - raise energy Reiki is invigorating. Optimal energy flow is restored, as blocks are dissolved and stagnancy is cleared, allowing you to reclaim your liberated energy as it is now able to move freely through your body.  Many people feel this as increased energy levels. Circulation in various systems of the body is improved, and if you have mobility issues due to tension, you may experience improved flexibility and range of motion. Renew your natural glow. Reiki is a restorative practice, it refreshes our energy, replenishes our body’s reserves, and improves our vitality. If you have been suffering from fatigue, feeling drained, depleted, low energy, sluggish, Reiki will restore energy levels, help you recover from fatigue, and give you a boost. Gain health and raise your energy through restoring proper energy flow.

REJUVENATION & BALANCE - nourish & strengthen your system  Reiki purifies and rejuvenates your body over time, allowing health to flourish. Reiki clearing stimulates the release of toxins from the body, making space for new blood to nourish cells and regenerate tissues, encouraging cellular turnover. Cellular communication is much more efficient without the interference from harmful substances. Reiki strengthens and renews your body, increases stamina, and boosts your immune system. If your immune system is low, or you feel weak in general, Reiki is nourishing for the body. Reiki restores homeostasis of immune and endocrine activity, and realigns the body. Renews the flow of energy through your entire body which benefits circulation in channels of all the systems. ​​​

HEALING AND RECOVERY - from illness and injury If you are in the process of healing from acute illness (even those termed terminal); experiencing a long term chronic health condition; recovering from injury, surgery or accident, Reiki will support your healing. Restore health and health your body from physical conditions. Many people choose Reiki to facilitate healing of a health condition, and Reiki is an excellent integrative therapy. Reiki naturally stimulates healing to occur by activating the body’s inherent healing response. Reiki accelerates the healing process, speeding up the recovery period. The relaxation effect brings your body into restorative mode to facilitate healing your body on all levels. Reiki heals illnesses at their root, by clearing the pattern of energy imbalance behind the illness and symptoms, healing at causal level, the point of creation. 

SUPPORTIVE DURING MEDICAL TREATMENTS & RECOVERY If you are scheduled for surgery, Reiki can help prepare you. Afterwards, Reiki treatments will help you recover more quickly, and help to reduce pain. If you are undergoing medical treatments with potential or expected side effects, such as radiation or chemotherapy, Reiki can help mitigate the negative effects. Reiki can alleviate side effects of pharmaceutical medication. Reiki is complimentary for other health care modalities, it supports and enhances other types of healing practices and treatments.  

PAIN RELIEF & EASE SYMPTOMS - natural and effective Reiki helps manage and reduce pain from illness and injury. Pain is often diminished and may even disappear. Most people experience pain relief. If you are managing acute or chronic pain conditions, Reiki can assist by reducing perception of pain. If you are experiencing elevated levels of pain due to illness or injury, Reiki provides healing and a non-pharmaceutical way to reduce pain, and is supportive when transitioning off pain medication. Reiki is an effective and natural way to manage and lessen symptoms of illness and long term health conditions. Reiki helps to relieve fatigue, aches and pains, soothes sore muscles and joints, and relieves tenderness and inflammation. Release tension form the entire system, dissolve blocks and stiffness that may contribute to mobility issues. 

RELAXATION Reiki sessions are relaxing and restful, which is ideal for healing and recovery. The serene energy of Reiki is relaxing for the whole body, which allows healing to occur on all levels. The deep relaxation Reiki induces almost instantaneously will help your body remember that it is safe to relax, and remind your body how to rest. Personally and professionally, Reiki is the most relaxing of the modalities I have experienced, while simultaneously refreshing our awareness. If you are experiencing sleep issues, such as insomnia, Reiki can help to resolve them as treatments improve quality of sleep. Expect to experience more restful sleep after Reiki.  Use Reiki to encourage deep rest and a state of lucid relaxation in your body.

STRESS RELIEF - release stress & tension If you are in need of stress relief, the energy of Reiki is very calming. Reiki alleviates stress and helps reduce it’s effects on the body, mind, heart, and spirit. If you are experiencing higher than normal stress levels due to health or life challenges, feeling overwhelmed or burnt out, Reiki can help you cope. If you have been suffering from elevated stress for significant periods of time, you may be experiencing chronic stress, which can make recovery move difficult. Severe and chronic stress leads the body to produce an inflammatory response that may lead to illness if unchecked, as we are overloaded with stress hormones and our nervous system is stuck in overdrive, which exhausts our bodies and drains our psycho-spiritual bandwidth.  Reiki is a stress buffer, it shifts our nervous system’s response from fight or flight functions to relaxation mode, clearing and lessening the impacts of stress on our entire system. Reiki helps heal the heightened stress response that develops from long term stress, abuse, or trauma, and can help shift your energy patterns and the way you respond to stress factors and triggers. Reiki’s relaxing effect can help you lift yourself up out of stressful conditions. When stress is reduced, we are able to think more clearly so it is easier to make decisions and manage life.

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