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Jimjilbang!! Korean Sauna in Toronto

Time to sweat it out!! Hi guys here I am in the infrared jade sauna at Seoul Jimjilbang. It’s a Korean sauna spa north of Toronto and a total gem for health and wellness.

Anyone ever enjoyed a Korean Spa? I hear they’re an essential of Korean culture and it’s easy to understand why! The atmosphere is relaxing yet casual, the laid back approach makes them accessible for all, and they are open 24/7 (brief closing daily for cleaning - this place is spotless!) You’ll find hot tubs, cool pools , a huge washing up area , massage, relax/sleep areas, cafe, and of course a variety of saunas. . . Saunas support all of the biological systems of the body by promoting beneficial cellular activity, and help your body to remove harmful impurities from it’s cells. This boosts immunity , increases energy , mental clarity, relaxation , and is anti-aging. The saunas here are nearly all infrared , which offer all the benefits of a traditional sauna at a lower temperature - more comfortable. Infrared waves also penetrate more deeply than a traditional sauna, resulting in a greater detox . There are 6 saunas and they all make use of different elements to amplify healing: jade, adamandite, crystals, gold and salt, germanium, and red mud. All have different healing properties and each room felt unique! Graciously, there is also an ice room.

What a great place to go solo and unwind your world, or make it social and bring a friend or a date. They supply your sauna outfit, a mat, and a locker for your belongings. You bring towels, soap, flip flops, and most importantly, your water bottle. HYDRATE!!! When you’ve sweat until you’re soaked, wash it all off in the huge cleansing area. For best results, it’s important to exfoliate with your towel or a skin scrub to remove all the toxins that came to the surface. If you’re up for it, make an appointment for a professional full body scrub - your skin will be smooth as a rose petal and it’s wonderful for the health of your largest organ! I had my first scrub at #spacastlenyc years ago - imprinted the ideal compliment to sauna culture. Highly recommend, already planning my next trip, & hope this inspires you to get your glow on!

Location: 382 Magnetic Dr, North York, ON M3J 2C4

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