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A Typical Reiki Session


Each session begins with a brief discussion prior to the treatment to address any questions or concerns you might have about Reiki, and to give you an opportunity to share anything you wish about your reason for choosing a Reiki session. A practitioner will consider your individual needs on the day.  

The Treatment

Reiki involves a safe, gentle, natural, and non-invasive approach to bring about healing and harmony. While Reiki is a hands-on technique, it is not a form of massage, there is no manipulation of tissue. Rather, Reiki is applied to affect the physical body through connecting with the bio energy body using both direct light touch and subtle methods.

The treatment process is simple. The practice includes a series of hand placements stimulating specific locations along the energy pathways of the receiver's body, and the use of symbols, for healing. During treatment a Reiki practitioner gently lays their hands in positions starting from your head down to your feet, while the Reiki energy current flows to stimulate your body's natural healing response. You will absorb as much energy as you need for optimal flow and your body will get to work on healing itself.

After your session, you'll take a moment to settle back into everyday awareness, to become centred and feel grounded into your body. Even if you didn't fall asleep, it is kind of like waking up.

FAQ to questions I am often asked during Reiki

What should I do while receiving Reiki?

Please try and be in the receptive state and allow Reiki to flow, there is nothing to do except to receive the positive healing energy.  

What if I am unable to relax?

Most clients experience moving into a deep state of relaxation. Sometimes people ware concerned whether they will be able to relax, perhaps they have a history where this has been an issue. Reiki induces the relaxation response, so while people have concerns, this has rarely an issue once the session begins. 

What should I think about during Reiki?

You will likely be so relaxed that you will 'release' your mind, and enter a state of mindfulness. If you find your mind is looking for something to focus on, flow back to your core intention for Reiki.  As thoughts come and go, try not to attach to thoughts, just let them pass. Helpful insights will arise effortlessly, and you will remember them. Try to come with an open mind, and immerse yourself into the experience; we may evaluate afterwards. Read more.

What if I fall asleep?

Many people yawn, and become so relaxed they fall asleep. This is a common occurrence and is absolutely normal, especially in today's society as many of us are under rested. Your body heals when it is at rest, this is just part of the process. You may fall asleep during your session.

To learn about benefits you may feel during a Reiki session, please see here.

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