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Health Conditions Reiki May Assist

Are you wondering whether Reiki may help you with a specific health condition or life issue you are dealing with? People use Reiki to manage symptoms and activate healing associated with a wide variety of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health issues as well as life circumstances associated with transitional periods or challenging circumstances. Reiki provides valuable support for a broad range of issues. 

"Reiki can be used safely to treat patients with virtually any ailment, from diabetes to cancer."


Reiki may ease and accelerate healing of many common conditions and symptoms.  Positive outcomes are reported for Reiki being helpful in supporting the healing of various chronic and acute health conditions including but not limited to the following:

Reiki meets you where you are at. 

Any condition may be supported and improved over time with dedication.

Conquer addiction - heal at the root

Allergies and sensitivities - sometimes sensitivities & allergies disappear

Anxiety - relieves anxiety, alleviates fear, social anxiety, panic disorder, reduce agitation, manage tendency towards worry, brain fog, mental loops

Auto-immune conditions - fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Hashimoto's, MS; Reiki balances immune function

Chronic Stress & tension related issues - hypertension, tension headaches, release stress and tension, encourage relaxation

Circulatory - improves circulation

Digestive and elimination issues - versions of IBS, Crohn's leaky gut, malabsorption issues - improves digestion

Endocrine Imbalances - hormonal, glandular imbalances, ie thyroid issues, diabetes - restores equilibrium 

Illness - serious acute illnesses termed terminal such as cancer, HIV; long term chronic conditions,  - supports and accelerates healing

Injuries - speeds up recovery time for concussions, healing bone breaks, sprains, fractures, wounds, burns (sports, dance, accidents)

Mental health issues - mood disorders such as depression, ADHD, psychiatric issues

Microbial contamination - fight bacteria, virus, or fungus

Mobility issues of muscles, joints, tendons - arthritis, patellofemoral syndrome, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis - increases mobility

Neurological - migraines, peripheral neuropathy

Pregnancy - helps to ease discomfort and prepare for labour

PTSD - heals associated symptoms of trauma in the body

Renal system - UTI, Kidney stones

Reproductive concerns - PCOS, endometriosis, prostate trouble, support during menopause, painful menses, fertility issues

Respiratory - asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia

Sexual issues - low sex drive, erectile dysfunction

Skeletal - structural and alignment issues

Skin and hair issues - hives, rashes, shingles, herpes, acne, alopecia

Sleep issues - promotes restorative sleep, eases insomnia

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