Trust your Path, All is possible!

Remember: all is possible, tout est possible

Trust your path, the one you feel Let spirit guide your steps

The universe light your path Walk a golden road Where all you dream is possible Tout est possible

Trust your path, walk in peace and purpose At times the journey flows clear And there are moments when the fog is blinding Don’t worry, it’s part of the journey Move forward and stay true Walking into life, becoming you

Trust your path If you’ve veered off, side-tracked, or feeling stuck The compass in your heart Will call you back to balance You path will always be there for you And has been all along After all, it is your path

Trust your path Walk in truth and beauty Along the road that resonates Your journey is guided to take you To all the ‘familiar’ places you’ve never been Planted within you long ago

The map is within

To walk your golden road

With love and light


All is possible, tout est possible

Trust your path, the one that flows from your heart

Words @virginialeigh_life

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