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We're All in this Together: The Power of Connection



We're all in this together, but it's an individual journey

Everyone around the world has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the past several weeks of social distancing have given rise to many shifts on the planet. One interesting phenomena is that the restrictions put in place to protect the vulnerable populations simultaneously isolate us and join us as a collective around the globe. While this has largely been an individual experience for people, self-isolating in the privacy of their homes, we have in turn become more connected to humanity as a whole through the sharing of this experience of disconnection. This temporary separation between us ironically highlights how important every single person is for the tapestry of life. We rely on each other to create the greater good. Everyone counts, everyone is worth saving. This is the first time in modern history we have put health above wealth. We are all connected on a deep level as part of a greater effort, through measures to end this global crisis.

It takes a village, and a big thank you to everyone on the front lines

People have been playing different roles during this period of time, everyone has felt a shift in their rhythms. Whatever role you found yourself in, the small sacrifice we've all made has been worth it, everyone has been part of supporting the solution. Many have been at home: some have been ill and practicing self-isolation, some balance working from home with caregiving responsibilities, some have been laid off, or even had to close their business. Others have been working on the front lines, many have had to amp up their workload, and their amazing efforts literally kept our world running during this initial period of tight social restrictions. Health and caregiving workers risking their lives to save others, scientists' schedules in overdrive trying to find a way through, government leaders and workers trying to make the best decisions for all citizens as per health authorities advice and decisions for the world. To all who work in essential services from food and water supply, hydro, waste management, mail circulation - thank you for your diligent care in supporting society. Everyone's life has been affected, and will continue to be in varying degrees of restrictions until this period resolves itself.

Challenges of separation

We miss each other, and the force of separation may play on our psyches. People may experience challenges when the overall experience of isolation in society increases, such as loss, illness, and fear. If you live with others, the 24/7 companionship might be fraying your nerves. If you've been having a tough time, try to remember to come into harmony with yourself, so you can feel in harmony with everyone else. If you have been going through this on your own, you might be struggling with loneliness. Even though it might feel like it, even though this is how reality is presenting, try to remember you are not alone, that we're all in this together. For although we are socially apart, we are becoming more connected in consciousness. Right now, we are all alone, together.

The paradox of being alone: "a lone" and "all one"

Let's put the paradox of being alone under the microscope for a moment. We are alone in the universe, yet, we are all connected by our aloneness in the universe. Since we are always connected, we are never truly "a lone". Sovereign beings, we have our own distinct souls and consciousness, even in those rare cases like Siamese twins, when two share a body. We are individuals, but we are connected as we are all part of humanity, alive on planet earth. Throughout our time and around the world, people have considered the idea that we are "all one", through lenses as varied as ancient spirituality, sociology, to unified physics. Whether we explain the cohesive power of our universe by describing it as a process of energy, social codes, spirit/ether, fractals of the same spark of divine consciousness, or leaves on the vine, we are talking about being deeply connected as parts belonging to the same whole. From the point of view of energy, we are all connected in spirit, and therefore, we are never alone. Separation and connection may begin in our consciousness. We are connected by the same field of energy, yet alone with our individual consciousness. When we are alone, we can always tap into this connection that we all share, into the energy and spirit that animates everything and everyone, through remembering we are all one.

Together we've been flattening the curve: individual and collective results

We've become quite good at practicing social distancing as a global community over the past weeks and months, ready to move into a new phase of managing COVID-19. We have supported each other as a globe and thankfully, our efforts have been working, many lives saved, and restrictions are slowly starting to lift. This period in time has given us the opportunity to join as a whole with a shared purpose, and in so doing, amplified our energy of being in connection despite physical barriers. We are so powerful when in unison: we have increased our capacity for cooperating, working together in harmony. It gave us a small window into what it would be like if we stopped playing a zero sum game - in terms of our health, we raised the bar to wellness. Through caring about ourselves and each other, choosing the best option for all, we can continue the healing of the world.

Continuing to heal by staying connected

It may or may not seem like it on the surface, but this is evidence of a great shift in society, taking place on a deep level, to elevate us all. We are awakening to new levels of compassion through realizing we are all one, and to new levels of motivation by seeing that our efforts do in fact make a great difference. We have shown this in the world containment of COVID-19, and also in the global reporting on the environment's ability to heal itself given the chance, as we adjusted our behaviour. Let's hold onto this awareness and continue to take large strides towards positive change in society, through our collective intentions and actions. Let's embrace the potential the past weeks opened in us, and as restrictions continue to lift, let's remain in a united spirit, and protect each other, so we can all live our best and brightest. Let's create a society that is kind to all, with consideration for the entire fabric of the natural world, to which we are all intrinsically connected, and help each other not just survive, but thrive. Let's recognize the power of our individual roles within the collective, as it is up to us to create the shifts by living them, to create a world run on humane systems that serve everyone. We can all step forward in our own way and co-create a sustainable world, and move peacefully into these shifts together.

This is the beginning of a new cycle of shifts in the world. What parts of society will we elevate next?

xo, V


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