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Reiki and your Aura: how Reiki supports your Energy - in detail

~ energetic brightness ~

Let's talk about Reiki and your Energy body. Reiki restores proper energy flow which activates a process of energetic clearing, dissolving blocks, balancing and refining your energy flow, and shifting your alignment for overall health, well being, and positive growth.  Reiki illuminates your energy and spirit. For an overview see here.

Energetic Reasons to Come for Reiki


Each Reiki session will clear your whole system of stagnancy and dissolve energy blocks. Our energy is meant to be clear and bright, flowing freely and smoothly through all of the channels in our system. When energy is blocked, it cannot move properly, stagnancy occurs, and the congestion eventually leads to disturbances in the system, until the blocks are cleared. If not dealt with, energy blocks and stagnant energy may accrue as further stress and tension in our systems, becoming interference patterns that lead to health challenges and life disruptions which hold us back. Some experiences are more challenging to resolve may get stuck in our system until they are processed.  Energy blocks and ingrained patterns in our bio field may show up in many ways including:


  • physically as rigidity, tension, congestion in the various channels of the body, toxicity, illness, chronic symptoms, fatigue, low energy, inflammation, feeling drained and overall weakness

  • mentally as confusion, tension headaches, redundancy, denial, doubt, chronic negativity, brain fog, holding onto illusions, outworn belief structures, anxiety; mental resistance may occur when we are in denial and don’t want to let go of illusions, mental loops

  • emotionally as shame, regret, guilt, attachments to wounds, numbness, hurts we won’t let go of, grudges, resentments, the burden of unprocessed emotional experiences; emotional resistances is when we are not wanting to face and feel painful emotions that need to be processed so we can move on

  • spiritually, we may feel disconnected from self, others, our life purpose; as though we are stuck and unable to move forwards since carrying stress is heavy and makes it harder to move and holds us back; discontent, apathy, malaise; life patterns we do not want, yet having difficulty letting go of what is in our path, and resistance taking actions to create positive change; isolation

Reiki heals at the causal level by dissolving the blocks behind physical, emotional and mental health conditions as well as overall spiritual life concerns. Energy clearing activates a process to purify your whole system and liberates your energy.

From an energetic perspective, it is helpful to think of yourself as a channel, not a container.  Imagine your energy as a river stream through which water, the experiences of life, flows. Ideally the water is clear, and it’s path is free and effortless through the channels of the waterways. The river does not try to stop it’s own flow, for if it did, it would become toxic. If we try to hold onto each water drop, or if a natural event causes disruption in the water’s flow, if unchecked, overtime the water will become stagnant, and matter that doesn’t belong in your stream may accumulate when water is not able to move, and toxicity will ensue. The once clear flowing water has become stuck, stagnant, and muddy. So it is with our energy. When we let ourselves flow in life and clear stress as it arises, our energy stays clear and healthy. 


Enjoy an inner lightness of being. As a result of energy clearing, our energy becomes brighter and our radiance shines. As blocks dissolve and we release energetic resistance, we become clearer and we feel lighter, like a burden has been lifted. Gain a deep sense of overall clarity inside yourself. Feeling clear and light is elevates our energy, Reiki raises our spirits and uplifts us from a deep level. Inner lightness is about creating space for what we need and want to receive from life in the present moment, what truly compliments and nourishes us now. Fresh new energy will flow into your life, replenishing your vitality, rejuvenating your body, creating momentum in your life. When we release, it opens us up, and as flow is restored our energy is refreshed and recharged on all levels. As we become clear our life force energy is liberated to support your illumination. Your energy is free without the interference, you can offer your true vibration and shine in your authenticity.

RESTORE PROPER ENERGY FLOW & BALANCE - Reiki brings you back to centre 

Reiki restores smooth and proper energy flow, refines our energy levels, and balances our whole system. Our energy is meant to flow in with a momentum that is healthy for our body. When energy is imbalanced, there are either blocks impeding flow leading to stagnancy, or there is too much flow and energy is overwhelming, rushing through, which depletes us in a different way, as we exhaust ourselves try to keep up with a nervous system in overdrive. Reiki restores balanced flow by either unlocking stagnant energy, or slowing down the energy current as needed if moving too fast. When balanced, our energy may stabilize, we find our equilibrium, and we come back to centre in ourselves.

Health is optimized when we find balance. When we are in balance, everything functions properly.  As you become more balanced you will witness improved overall health. If you have been feeling out of sorts, perhaps you feel something is "off" in a some way you are unable to pinpoint, Reiki will help restore balance to your whole energy system. You will feel yourself becoming more balanced in your life.


After our energy flow is cleared, refreshed and balanced, our energy becomes re-integrated and aligned on a deeper level, and we enjoy a clear sense of harmonious equilibrium. Balance creates a sense of internal stability, helping us feel comfortable in our skin and at ease in our lives, a feeling that all is well. We feel grounded, centred, present, with a renewed sense of lightness and order to our overall flow. Balance stimulates integration and brings you into alignment, as energy is tuned in resonant harmony. Alignment strengthens us, and contributes to a sense of overall well being, contentment and inner harmony: the body, mind, heart, and energy feel in tune. Living in harmony within ourselves puts us in alignment with our divine medicine, the best and brightest path for us, and we feel this harmony flows through our lives.


Reiki is a transformational healing energy modality. Reiki can be an amazing journey of transformation and positive change. The clearing and re-alignment process shifts our energy, and by shifting our energy patterns, we can begin transforming our health and change our lives. With the clarity we find with Reiki is an opportunity to make major breakthroughs in breaking down and changing long term patterns and behaviours that diminish or impede us. Find the key to your transformation: as we shift our perspective we transform our energy, align authentically, and expand into your next stage. Reiki is extremely supportive during transitional periods, whether due to difficulty from health or life challenges, recovering from difficult circumstances, simply changing course in life, or because you are ready to up level and expand. Sometimes we find ourselves in transformation it may even be positively exhilarating, yet still may be confusing or taxing, as anyone who has experienced great change in life due to natural or their own efforts knows there are many steps involved. 

When we are going through transformation in life, it reaches us at every level. Reiki can support you to see you through your shift in the best way possible, by clearing impediments and aligning your energy in a harmonious way, keeping you on the best and brightest path for you. Reiki can help you make the shift, navigate your course and find a new level of stability. No matter what happened in the past, we can change our lives from this point forward. When we shift our energy towards authentic alignment we heal ourselves and transform our life. Live your truth and what your life become full of treasure. Everything in our life changes when we change our energy.

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