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Shankhavarta Mudra for inner wisdom

‘Answers are found within’, said countless sages.

Indeed, the light of your truth shines on you and lights you up 💡

Mudra Meditation for Inner Wisdom and Clarity. Our truth is always with us, but from time to time, it may seem to elude us momentarily. This mudra is practiced to become accustomed to inner listening, so we can more easily relax in our stillness and tap this wellspring.

Sometimes the noise of the world interferes with our ability to hear our truth. We may feel swayed in several directions trying to accommodate differing opinions, or simply feel overwhelmed with options. When too many points of view are taken into consideration, we may wind up confused. This mudra clears the clouds from our perception to regain access to our own intuition, and discern between internal and external voices. Inner silence brings us back to self.

Or, perhaps it is our own investment in a personal issue, or just our own zany schedules, that leave us disconnected from how we personally feel. When we are close to a situation, processing, in transition, empathy can blur boundaries. If experiencing elevated levels of activity or stress, we may be experiencing anxiety about the next step and feel out of touch with ourselves. Use this mudra to calm, balance, clear the voice of fear, and centre back into authenticity. Go beyond the surface mind and connect with the deep truth in your body, let your gut instincts take over.

Furthermore, some people find decisions challenging in general, for whatever reason, perhaps there is a fear of making the ‘correct’ choice, a habit of doubting one’s judgment, or the desire to make everyone happy makes us feel stuck. This mudra works on the Solar Plexus to stimulate the ‘decision’-muscle, releasing worries and doubts, renewing sense of self, esteem, to reclaim confidence in one’s own truth. Trusting in self leads to crystal clarity, connecting with our higher self, and a resurgence of will power.


Practice for 20 minutes; sit calmly and with your hands in this position. Hold your hands in your lap, in front or overhead, or mix it up. 💗

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