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Reiki and your Mind: how Reiki supports your Psyche - in detail

~ mental health & clarity ~ Let's talk about Reiki and your Mind. Reiki is useful for psychological well being, mental clarity, developing mindfulness, expanding awareness, gaining awareness, and breaking through mental blocks. Reiki elevates the mind and heals the psyche. For an overview see here.

Psychological Reasons to Come for Reiki

MENTAL BREAKTHROUGHS - clear the decks Get to the root of mental blocks and dissolve them. Blocks close the mind, energetic stagnancy shows up as redundancy, and toxicity as negative patterns and false belief structures. Update and purify thought patterns and beliefs: breakdown illusions and clear self-sabotaging programs, replace with positive beliefs that serve and elevate you, and illuminate your mind with the light of truth.  Soothe your mind, dissolve inner resistance, release subconscious blocks, old judgments, get out of mental loops. Clear conditioning, repetitive thoughts, monkey mind, and stop negative self talk. If you have been feeling claustrophobic in your head space, take back control of your mind. Clearing the shadows of our mind purifies our consciousness, separates truth from falsehoods, making way for your realization and enlightenment. Realign your beliefs according to what you have learned and what is true for you today.

OPEN YOUR MIND Cultivate an open mind, create space for new ideas and awareness, allow your thoughts to breathe. Releasing helps open the mind and fosters a sense of curiosity, wonder, increases creativity, inspiration and stimulates the imagination. Lighten your mind. A clear and open mind makes learning easier, and activates our inner brilliance. A relaxed mind can receive ideas, set your creativity free. 

MINDFULNESS - gain equanimity & inner wisdom Gain the ability to detach from your thoughts and watch them flow. Reiki increasingly induces a mindful awareness, and we are transported to a state of transcendental meditation, where we develop our ability to have neutrality of perspective. Relaxing our mind helps us stay in receptive mode and grow in our awareness of mind and thoughts. Allows us to be more mindful of our own thoughts and gain in ability to be quiet in our minds and still its surface chatter, so as to hear the undercurrent of our thoughts. In this detached and relaxed headspace we gain insight from our intuition, unconscious wisdom, or spirit as we watch our thoughts go by. Mindfulness experienced in Reiki helps us bring it into our lives, and we gain increased mental control through its practice. This helps us stay present, the ability to respond rather than react, and we gain mental balance and stability. Gain mastery over your mind, and the ability to manage life's ups and downs with more ease and grace.

EXPAND AWARENESS - gain perspective Reiki elevates the mind to an expanded state of awareness. In our mindfulness, our awareness is refreshed by tapping into universal intelligence, and we experience an expanded state of consciousness. Here we have access to a broader, more objective perspective from which we may view our situation differently. From this heightened point of view we gain insight with which to reframe events, which helps us shift our position and energy patterns around issues in our lives. We come to greater understanding with which to solve our problems, and solutions to manage, overcome, and relieve ourselves of the stress factors in our lives. With this new outlook we can make the best choices for ourselves moving forwards, acquire clarity, resolution and inspiration for how to create and nurture the growth and healing we desire. The expansion of consciousness Reiki induces creates space inside us to open our vision and see more of the big picture, which helps us transform our lives. Especially helpful when navigating difficult or transitional periods in life. The more we understand ourselves and our circumstances the best path for all involved will become clear.

MENTAL CLARITY - gain a deep sense of clarity Reiki helps us think more clearly. Mental capacity increases: improve mental alertness, ability to focus, executive functions, and enhance cognitive ability. Reiki clears our psyche by bringing our energy and perspective into alignment with light and love. Our vision clears during the process of purifying our mental energy through releasing false belief structures. As such we are better able to navigate life circumstances, make the best choices and find the best course of action for healing.  Gain clarity and find insight into major life decisions, and how to proceed towards resolving any personal issues you are working through. If you have been feeling confused, overwhelmed with options, or external input, you will likely experience thinking very clearly after a session. Establish order in complex circumstances, overcome brain fog, and recover from the confusion of ‘trauma mind’. Reiki helps reconnect with purpose and direction if you have felt lost and having trouble finding your way, offers relief from uncertainty. Trust your mind, your knowing, your own connection to truth, and release self doubt. Purifying the mind results in clarity of thought, and leads to developing a deep trust in self. Free your mind and gain clarity of your reality. Being clear also helps you express yourself, a renewed flow of self expression. Feeling clear renews and fortifies trust in one’s own instincts and judgment.

PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT - ease anxiety When you are processing or navigating a difficult life circumstance, such as illness or grief, Reiki can help you mentally come through the other side and deal with it. Reiki may provide the psycho-spiritual support to heal form the impact of diagnosis or other shock, and the worry that may be ever-present while going through transition, recovery, and processing challenge and change.   When experiencing heightened stress or turmoil, Reiki supports you through health challenges and other difficult circumstances by providing relaxation, which enables us to find mindfulness, gain insight, and transform our perspective, giving us a way through and beyond current conditions.  Soothe your mind and calm your nerves from the effects of stress.

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