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Reiki and your Heart: how Reiki supports you Emotionally - in detail

~ heal and balance the heart & emotional body ~ Let's talk about Reiki and Heart level healing. Reiki is useful for emotional well being, it's gentle energy soothes our heart, we gain emotional balance, comfort, the ability to forgive, resolve trauma, and open our heart space for joy and compassion towards self and others.  Reiki calms and uplifts the heart. Overview: see here.

Emotional Reasons to Come for Reiki

EMOTIONAL BALANCE The balancing effect Reiki has on our system helps us feel more emotionally stable, and helps steady overwhelming emotions and mood swings. If you have been fluctuating between feeling engulfed with emotion and shut down, or if you have been experiencing difficulty with intense and extreme feelings: 

  • raw, vulnerable, sensitive, fragile

  • on edge, anxious, jumpy, worried

  • irritated, angry, frustrated

  • numb, disassociating, denial

  • sadness, grief, in turmoil, despair

Reiki may help you better regulate your emotional response and maintain inner harmony. Cultivate a balance between detachment and connecting with our emotions, to feel emotions in the present from a healthy place. Useful for people who suffer from mood disorders like depression. Gain emotional equilibrium and harmony.

REASSURES THE HEART, FEEL SAFE & CALM Reiki sessions are serene. The comfort found in connecting with source energy stills the spirit and calms the heart, we feel at ease in the presence of grace. Reiki creates a safe space where we feel surrounded by a supportive energy. Reiki stimulates the vagus nerve, helping our nervous system to calm down, reminding the body how to feel tranquil. Along with the relaxing effect, our mind quiets, our heart feels at peace, helping us to trust the process and let healing in. The calming energy of Reiki helps us tap into our inner wellspring of peace and feel stable inside. Feeling safe and a sense of inner calm is of great value for healing. Extremely supportive when experiencing emotional stress, healing from attachment issues, fear of abandonment, and trauma. Helps you cope with inner turmoil diagnoses may make one feel, offers emotional and spiritual support during recovery from illness. Helps you stay calm if you have to change course. During Reiki we tune into grace, reassuring us all is well, and can bring this feeling with us when we go.  

SOOTHING COMFORT DURING GRIEF & LOSS - ease the pain Reiki is very soothing to the heart and may provide support during emotionally painful times in life, such as loss, heartache, and the grieving process. Reiki comforts the heart, relaxing our emotional energy, helping to soften desperate emotions. The emotional tides calm so we may feel some peace or at least a sense of relief. Gain relief from the grips of debilitating sadness that may accompany loss, feel emotional pain melting away, supported by this extremely soothing and gentle energy.  Reiki lifts your heart and helps people cope and heal during periods of grief by relieving the weight of suffering.

EMOTIONAL BREAKTHROUGHS - be more present emotionally Reiki is supportive in processing deep difficult feelings like shame, guilt, regret, despair, anger, fear, turmoil. Through deep relaxation and calming of the spirit, buried emotions that are trapped and stored in the body as cellular memory can be gently released. Get to the root of emotional blocks, repressed and suppressed feelings, heal emotional triggers and sabotaging behavioural patterns at their causal level, and clear the old emotional residue from your system. Reiki opens space for people to feel what they need to feel to get it out of their system. When you live in the present emotionally, rather than reacting to a pile-up of unresolved past emotions, you can fully feel your emotions in the present time. This is being emotionally present, for self and others. Bring your heart into the present time, and you will truly be able to connect with yourself and the people in your life more freely, deepening all of your relationships. Reiki is a key to understanding yourself emotionally and to feeling emotionally free and healthy, able to express yourself and how you feel in each moment.  ​​

RESOLVE TRAUMA - process and release shock Reiki supports recovery from trauma and abuse. If you have experienced a traumatic shock or other painful event in your life, Reiki can help clear trauma and integrate healing, allowing for resolution and the ability to move on. Aids in processing independent and complex trauma, break trauma bonds and conditioning, and release dissociative shock. If you have suffered a trauma and feel overwhelmed by the cumulative effects of trauma in your life, Reiki can help you release it from your system, transcend its residue and clear its effects from your health and your life, and move forward.  

Reiki has a profound impact clearing painful memories of trauma trapped in the body. During trauma our bodies are in fight or flight response, and emotions are often buried as a defence and survival mechanism that helps one endure through a traumatic experience. Reiki helps unlock the memories for processing: once the emotions are opened up, we may allow ourselves to fully feel them and let them run their course through us, and the pain of the memory is released and moved out of the body. Unprocessed trauma lives in the body and the pain of traumatic memories trapped inside causes tension. There is a link between trauma and health and when we heal trauma at cellular level, it is a great step towards healing from cumulative effects of trauma  Gentle and powerful therapy for people who have experienced individual or collective traumas.​​​

FORGIVENESS - purify the heart space Heal wounded feelings and clear experiences like betrayal, heartbreak, and loss from your system.  Release grudges, resentments, blame, and negative emotional dynamics. Acknowledge the traumas and trials of all parties involved. Change how you feel about an issue that has been bothering you.  If you are having trouble moving on from emotional wounds, Reiki can help you by providing a more objective understanding in order to let go of our attachment to our stories and release the burden of negative feelings through finding the ability to forgive. Find resolution, forgive self and others, and come to peace with issues. Clear your emotional energy and purify your heart by gaining closure.

OPEN & UPLIFT THE HEART SPACE Healing the heart creates space for more sweetness in your life, your heart feels lighter and more open. Cultivate a happy heart, let life in, and feel your heart opening towards joy.  Feel your love, compassion and empathy increase for self and others. Nurture self esteem and self worth, and deepen appreciation of others in your life, allowing space in your heart for lightness. Connecting with Reiki helps us access positive states of our consciousness, and we feel more confident and carefree, a receptive blissful heart. Reiki increases good feelings, resulting in a more positive attitude. Welcome others and make new connections, and practice loving kindness to self and others. The integration of our energy helps us to feel more connected overall. Reiki raises our spirits, we feel uplifted in the energy of love and light, and gain a more optimistic outlook on life.

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