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Happy Easter ~ a time for renewal

rebirth * renewal * hope * light * creation * risen * faith * beginnings

May this graceful day renew us in hope, lift our spirits, and fill us with love and light. We are elevated by the promise of hope and the unconditional love we carry in our hearts.

The key message of this day is to hold on to hope, to have faith in the future, and a new beginning. Victory over struggle, triumph over suffering, relief from loss and grief, and the strength we gain as we rise above it.

And now for a bit of symbolism. How did Easter come to be associated with bunnies and eggs? There is a lot of history to this holiday, all having to do with rebirth and renewal. Along with Mary Magdalene, the German goddess Ostara who represents spring and rebirth, and Babylonian goddess Ishtar who represents fertility, are associated with this time in our calendar, and along the way as spiritual cultures merged, tradition must have blended. Rabbits in folklore are associated with fertility for obvious reasons, and of course eggs are the ultimate symbol of creation.

Today is not the easter many of us are used to, but we can still celebrate our ability to rise above, the strength of the human spirit, and the joy of creation, perhaps with spring flowers. xo V

🌸 💛 🌷

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